Innovative Virtual Tour Company Reveals Ways Museums Can Enhance Revenue

George Randy Bass developed the Innovative Virtual Tours after realizing that today’s technology could allow for unlimited educational opportunities


Wake Forest, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/18/2012 -- Virtual Panoramic Tours is an innovative virtual tour provider that offers museums a way to generate revenue through on-line guests. Owner George Randy Bass developed the company after realizing that today’s technology could allow for unlimited educational opportunities. According to Bass, “Field trips to museums and historical sites were essential educational activities while growing up." Raised in central North Carolina, Bass remembers wanting to visit the numerous museums in Washington, DC, however due to travel costs and time these trips were limited. Visits to the great museums of Europe were out of the question.

Today with advances in software, photography and computer technology, a student can visit places they wouldn’t have dreamed of years ago. All with the help of 360 degree virtual panoramic tours. A Virtual Panoramic Tour (VPT) is two or more photographs or scenes stitched together and embedded into a flash program. The finished panorama lets users with access to the web, including smart phones and tablets, to virtually place themselves in any location around the world. Once on the virtual tour, users have the freedom to navigate and view the surrounding areas. To make a virtual tour even more valuable they often include hyperlinks to videos, photographs, text, audio, narration and even sound effects. This interactive, informative technology captivates users at a pace they can set for themselves.

Museums that differentiate themselves by creating virtual panoramic tours open new markets with on-line guests. An extensive virtual tour of a museum warrants and justifies an entrance fee from your on-line guest. On-line virtual panoramic tours also allows unlimited number of guests to have unrestricted visits to any facility in the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With this new and exciting educational technology students are no longer constrained by travel cost and time.

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