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Virtual Veterinary Pet Care Station Delivers Real Results


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- It’s no surprise that with all the human health interactive kiosks entering the retail landscape that a pet health kiosk would soon join this revolutionary health care movement. The EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station is the first ever telemedicine station designed specifically for pets allowing for real time health monitoring and video consultations with certified veterinarians conveniently located in pet retail locations.

The creators, Miami based innovative pet health care company EZ Vet Station, LLC, which have developed a line of interactive pet care kiosks for clinical and retail use, is excited to show the pet industry and veterinary community the amazing capabilities and potential of pet telemedicine through the EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station. They will debut their interactive telemedicine software and technology at the upcoming Super Zoo Pet Retail conference (Booth #22140) in Las Vegas, July 22nd-24th2014. This conference is said to attract more than 12,000 attendees and is sure to draw much attention from the pet retail industry’s innovative leaders.

It has long been preached by veterinarians and understood by pet owners that a key element to a healthy pet is preventative medical care and early detection of illnesses through routine consultations and examinations. The EZ Vet Pet Health Care station provides an innovative solution to delivering quality routine pet exams, preventive pet care, valuable diagnostic services, and beneficial pet prescriptions, products and services- all in the convenience of their local pet store. Veterinarian and Medical Director for EZ Vet Station, LLC, Maria P. Diaz, DVM, stated,” I believe that this is the next revolution in pet health care, taking veterinary care to a whole new level. I am able to give an extremely thorough examination from a remote location. I can show in real time video the inside of the pet’s ears, pet’s mouth and teeth, skin issues and a full range of vital diagnostics. Clients love this new type of interaction and technology.”

Through the EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station, a pet will be able to receive a thorough diagnostic examination by a certified Veterinarian via teleconferencing video communication, and with the assistance of an onsite veterinary technician. Utilizing cutting edge diagnostic technology, the Veterinarian will be able to identify and treat many pet health concerns such as dental, dermatologic, ear, eye, and weight, gastrointestinal and neurological conditions. Pet retail locations can now offer an onsite and accessible veterinarian that is able to recommend and prescribe anti-parasitic medications, specialty/ prescription pet foods, flea and tick preventatives, joint and skin supplements, antibiotics, and much more.

The EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station also functions as a great networking system. It is designed to create a cohesive and mutually beneficial relationship between veterinarians, pet retailers and pet brand manufacturers. Pet retailers can drive consumer sales from the on site veterinary station offering advice and recommendations for specific pet products. Pet supply manufacturers can build their brand recognition and will be able to communicate directly with their target audience. Veterinarians will be able to see and treat more pets, in turn growing their client base and business. The EZ Vet Pet Health Care Station offers veterinarians, pet retailers and pet brands an innovative way to directly interact and communicate with customers, reach target audiences efficiently, and thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.

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