Joe Bragg

VirtualFiles Redefines Data Rooms as an Alternative to Both Cloud and Email

VirtualFiles provide Virtual Data Rooms, a collaborative space in which multiple users share, upload and edit information and communications, at affordable rates that make them a viable alternative.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2013 -- In this day and age, online privacy of stored data is a growing concern not just to individuals, but to businesses who run the risk of data theft. Virtual Data Rooms are an online-accessible remote storage facility with several key advantages over cloud storage, using advanced data encryption to ensure not even the server’s own engineers can access the data stored therein. VirtualFiles are a provider of affordable, next generation Virtual Data Rooms that can provide the answers to many of the challenges faced by businesses as they progress into an online data model of operation.

The Virtual Data Room is much more than a storage space and can be used to communicate as well as manage and edit documents. It provides full corporate branding options for the interface, a summary of all activity, easy to manage access and user options, administrators can split the VDR into multiple different rooms with different access privileges, full recovery options from regular automated back-ups, and more.

The Virtual Data Room is guaranteed to be stored on UK server space and comes with an in-built workflow application which can be customised to the company’s specific needs. The VDR is a genuine and secure alternative to both email and cloud services, that was until now thought too expensive to be viable.

A spokesperson for VirtualFiles explained, “The Virtual Data Rooms we provide are an affordable solution because we only ask our customers to pay for what they use, which is completely flexible and comes with an easy in and out system in which they can stop using the service any time, with no contractual obligations. We also offer flexible pricing scales based on number of users, amount of space and number of VDRs, to ensure that no one is ever paying for more than what they need.”

About VirtualFiles
VirtualFiles have redefined Virtual Data Rooms by making it easy for customers to set up their own VDR in a matter of minutes. Expensive contracted rates have been eliminated, as VirtualFiles’ granular usage system means customers only pay for what they use. For more information, please visit: