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Visa Company Helps Foreign Nationals with Immigration Issues


Weston, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2013 -- Exclusive Visas (USA) is calling out to foreign nationals in the US who need assistance in processing their green cards and investment visa. Information with regard to finance-related projects, investment risks and strategies, and legislative documents will be provided to clients to ensure that the requests for legal permanent residence in the US will be honored.

The Company

As the company has a network of professionals consisting of certified accountants and consultants, finance experts, service providers, and immigration lawyers, Exclusive Visas (USA) is known to have helped many foreign nationals and their families regarding different immigration affairs. With its experienced team, matters concerning visa application as well as the congress-created Visa Investor program will be made clear.

Services and Regional Chapters

With Exclusive Visas (USA), foreign nationals are presented the opportunity of having their questions about various legislative immigration proceedings and the EB-5 Visa program answered by attorneys and immigration specialists. In many parts of the US, there are Exclusive Visas (USA) regional chapters they may go to. Through this, they eliminate the need to have to travel to different states for this objective and they can guarantee that every dealing they voluntarily participate in won’t jeopardize their candidacy for their green card applications.

Consulting and Due Diligence

Exclusive Visas (USA) investigates and provides analysis reports of every case reported to each of its regional centers. From the initial phases to the final transactions, the company is thorough in ensuring that the procedures for its clients’ applications for green card and investment visas do not go against US Immigration standards. In times when, due to complications, there is a need to settle matters in court, they will appoint representatives to make arrangements for the problems to be solved.

Contact Details
Office: Exclusive Visas (USA)
2149 N. Commerce Parkway
Weston, Florida
333226 USA
Phone: 954-727-9800
Email: info@exclusivevisas.com
Website: http://www.eb5exclusive.com