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Visa Company Offers Assistance to Brazilian Investors and Invites Entrepreneurs to Join Its Network


Weston, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Exclusive Visas (Portuguese), a company known for representing prominent people, is reaching out to Brazilian investors in the US who are in need of assistance regarding the application for a green card as well as the processing of visto de investidor. To clients, it will relay important information including the ones involving financial projects, investment strategies, risk advisories, and legal documents. Aside from that, it aims to seek other entrepreneurs to sign up for its network.

The Company
Exclusive Visas (Portuguese) consists of a team of chartered accountants, consultants, financial specialists, service providers, and immigration attorneys that clarifies matters about the obtainment of a visto de investimento. As all members are certified professionals, Brazilian investors in the US can be assured that every transaction they take part in is both legal and beneficial for their application for green cards and investment visas. Should these people wish to successfully immigrate to the US, the company is around to help by coordinating with clients as well as with the proper immigration authorities.

Regional Centers
As Exclusive Visas (Portuguese) has regional centers that are operated by trusted entrepreneurs, Brazilian investors who have questions concerning the congress-created immigration program and visto EB-5 may approach any branch and expect to be accommodated by legal counsels. The groups’ operations have been approved by the government and each one focuses on capital investment, economic growth, and increased regional projects in the US in relation to clients’ statuses.

The Management Application Process
After Brazilian investors have forwarded their concerns to Exclusive Visas (Portuguese) regional centers, Exclusive Visas (Portuguese) will carefully investigate all cases and present them results that meet the highest standards. From the initial stages to the final proceedings of their green card and investment visa applications, the company will support its clients and ensure that all processes are in accordance with the US Immigration Department’s rules.

Contact Details
Office: Exclusive Visas (Portuguese)
2149 N. Commerce Parkway
Weston, Florida
33326 USA
Phone: 55 11 3323 7479
Email: info@exclusivevisas.com
Website: http://www.vistodeinvestidor.eb5exclusive.com