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Anastasia Travel Announces Visa Free Shore Excursions


St.Petersburg, Russia -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/19/2012 -- Anastasia Travel Group invites travelers to see beautiful historic St. Petersburg and Moscow with no complicated travel restrictions or Visa issues. Anastasia travel group is one of the oldest and best respected travel agencies in the Baltic Market, allowing them to make these unique and easy cruise-to-port trips available to travelers the world over. St. Petersburg and Moscow are two of the oldest and most desirable tourist destinations in the Baltic cruise market, and Anastasia Travel is making them more accessible and easier for travelers to experience than they have ever been.

Due to new travel regulations travelers are able to disembark briefly with a certified guide. This makes travelers able to go on guided tours of up to three days on and around the coast. Anastasia Travel offers one, two and three day packages in St. Petersburg. Some of their exclusive three day packages include a guided tour into the heart of Russia, Moscow itself. Due to their longstanding and respected reputation they are able to take tourists on an experience like no other company can offer.

While on shore, Anastasia Travel offers visits to the Winter Palace, which houses the Hermitage museum. The historically legendary Amber room of Catherine’s Palace, and for those not faint of heart, visits to the place Rasputin was murdered. On the Jewish Heritage Tour they offer trips to many historic Orthodox cathedrals as well as the Grand Choral Synagogue.

“Let Anastasia travel show you the real Russia effortlessly and affordably with a St. Petersburg shore excursion. Act now for our lowest rates ever!”-Anastasia Davydova

Find out more about Visa free shore excursions by visiting Anastasia Travel at www.Anastasia.Travel.

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