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Visalus Body by Vi Shop Is the Leading Provider of the Latest Fitness Sensation


Yorba Linda, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/15/2012 -- Fitness programmes are ubiquitous these days, and yet many people still sign up and invest in these products only to get unsatisfactory results. Often times, this is because simply changing dietary choices, or doing plenty of exercise while eating unhealthily, is only addressing part of the issue. The ViSalus Body By Vi system is looking to change that, and it’s online shop is designed to quickly and efficiently enable individuals to revolutionise their lives.

The ViSalus philosophy is one of life, health and prosperity, promoting healthy eating and lifestyles through supportive communities, and spreading the word to help create a source of financial independence for its members. Where most fitness, diet or lifestyle programs generally offer only one of these elements, Body By Vi is one of the first to create a kit containing all three, with diet and nutrition, exercise regimes and community support all included in a single package.

A spokesperson for the Body By Vi Shop explained in detail how they are conquering the market, “We know as well as any fitness professionals that only having one of these elements will never deliver the fully fit and healthy lifestyle people need, yet most of these programmes insist on providing only one element. We get radical results because we cover all the bases, and that’s why we’re one of the most successful fitness programmes in America.”

Their latest product is the Vi-Defy immunity booster, which strengthens and supports the body’s natural defences and can be used by anyone to help create a robust immune system to actively fight off germs, infections and diseases. The product has been launched as part of ViSalus’ continuing mission to create a whole-body revolution, bringing members to their peak physically and mentally, supporting them emotionally, and now protecting them from the rigours of daily life.

The spokesperson explained, “Inevitably when you set out to change your whole lifestyle for the better, the body is going to experience these changes as something of a surprise. The Vi-Defy product is designed to boost the body’s defences and make sure that the initial energy it takes to start the program doesn’t distress the immune system. When used regularly, the supplement provides a continuous boost in protection against harmful microbes such as bacteria and virii.”

About ViSalus Body By Vi Shop
VBBVS is the largest distributor of the new craze, Body by Vi. They deliver a wide range of these popular fitness products direct to consumers in the US, helping them start their 90 day challenge and get on track to getting fit. For more information please visit: http://visalusbodybyvishop.com/