Visalus I s the Number 1 Selling Meal Replacement Weight Loss Program


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/14/2012 -- Visalus is the number one product line of meal replacement weight loss program in North America which provides customers to gain the desired result effectively and quickly. Visalus is considered as the fastest growing weight loss program worldwide because of its safety and is known as the shake mix that tastes like cake mix.

The Visalus 90 Day Challenge is a weight loss program that was created by Visalus Science a company that deal out a line of natural health supplements and shakes. It’s a lactose free and FDA certified gluten free meal replacement system that help people to lose weight without the risk of life threatening surgery and ineffective dietary supplements. One of the most popular weight lose program by Visalus is The Body by VI, a 90 day challenge to lose weight where customers can gain their desired results after 90 days without massive exercise. There are plenty of comparison charts to review and compare. Also, the nutritional facts page will be able to answer most of your questions. If you have additional questions, you are free to ask any question you may have to the site owners.

Evidence show that a lot of people who tried the Body by VI 90 day challenge were satisfied with the results Visalus provided them including popular sports celebrities like UFC/MMA fighters Ralph “the spider monkey” Acosta, Ryan Jenson, Marcus Davis, Houston Alexander, Brandon Vera and Rich Rigmaden; Professional Wrestlers like Hulk Hogan that says, “you either from obstacle, go around it, or go over it or through it”., Brutus “the barber” Beefcake, Sharmell Huffman and Booker T.; National Football League players like Tim Watson, Matt Lehr and Deuce Letui; Fitness Models like Lindsay Messina, Brian Carr, Cassandra Govan, Gretchen Coley, Doug Siebert and Courtney Hill; Popular NBA players like Dennis Rodman and Tim Hardaway; Professional Boxers like China Smith, Roy Jones Jr., and Phil LeGreco; known Body Builders which includes Jenny Lynn the 12 time IFBB Pro fitness Champion, Iris Kyle and Vince Taylor; and Arm Wrestler ‘Monster” Michael Todd.

The effective results of the Body by Vi not only works for popular athletes and body builders but also Hollywood popular celebrities which includes Master P, Steve Harvey, Jessica Biel, Romeo, Alphonso Ribeiro “Carlton” from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and “Hercules” Kevin Sorbo. People who will try the Body by Vi will be guaranteed not only to acquire satisfying result but also an opportunity to earn money at home by the network marketing that it may provide.

About Visalus:
Visalus is 90 Day Challenge weight loss program that was created by Visalus Science.

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