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ViSalus Launches New Body by Vi Challenge 2013

Body by Vi Challenge has kicked off for 2013 encouraging people to set personal weight loss, active or fitness goals


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/05/2013 -- Every year, ViSalus launches its Body by Vi Challenge to help people lose weight by undertaking various weight loss, active or fitness goals. This year has been no different with the New Body by Vi challenge 2013 already launched by the company. The company lays down a fitness program with the help of the products from the company such as the ViSalus shakes and Vi challenge kits and encourages people to announce their goals and achieve them through this fitness programme in just 90 days.

The new challenge that is announced in offers a new twist in the challenge with the 90-day results back guarantee. If a user makes use of the challenge kits and ViSalus products according to instructions and goes public on about his/her fitness goal the money-back offer is guaranteed. This is also true in the case when the user is not satisfied with the results after following the prescribed regimen.

The challenge offers attractive prizes for winners and also weekly winners. The Project 10 of ViSalus aims at helping people lose 10 lbs. In the company’s own words, “We believe we’ve discovered the secret to your challenge success lies in the first 10 lbs” Project 10 winners are awarded upto $10,000 and ‘I LOST it’ t-shirts every week.

The weight loss challenge functions with the help of ViSalus shakes and challenge kits. The ViSalus Body by Vi weight loss program claims to be an innovative solution for getting into better shape. The program consists of ViSalus shakes, exercise programs, menu plans apart from online community support. There are special weight loss shakes for women that they can substitute for normal meals.

Jake S from Southfield, who has been undertaking the Body by Vi Challenge, said, “I have lost full 7 pounds and I think it is amazing. The only other time I can remember shedding pounds like this was when I was sick. It was easy with these tasty meal replacement shakes.”

There are four kits in the Body by Vi weight loss programs-Balance Kit, Shape Kit, Core Kit and Transformation Kit, each for different stages of the weight loss programme. To view more details about the new Body by Vi Challenge 2013, visit

About ViSalus Sciences
ViSalus Sciences is the company that has launched the Body by Vi- 90 Day Challenge. The challenge is a weight loss initiative from the company which helps people lose weight and achieve fitness and active goals in 90-day duration by the use of ViSalus products available in North America.

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