Blu-Ray and Book Release of VISIBLE SCARS


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/19/2013 -- Echo Bridge Entertainment has acquired the rights to “Visible Scars,” a creepy psychological thriller starring Tom Sizemore (Saving Private Ryan, Black Hawk Down), Jillian Murray (Never Back Down 2, Wild Things: Foursome) and Hannah Hall (Forest Gump, Halloween). The Blu-ray comes out July 9th. Keith publishing is handing the book version. Renowned novelist Stephanie Campbell and Richard Turke translate the award winning film into book form. The e-book comes out in July in paperback. (Barns and noble, Kmart, Hastings, etc). A book sequel in in the works.

Critic Michael Allan calls Scars "A compelling film, with an intriguing conclusion." It was also called "excitably original" by critic Richard Rey. Visible Scars took the Best Feature award at last year's Shockfest Film Festival in Hollywood, along with several nominations including Best Actor: Tom Sizemore, Best Actress: Jillian Murray, and Best Director: Richard Turke. Scars also received a Best Actress nomination for Jillian Murray at the Chicago Horror Film Festival. Audiences can experience the thrills on Blu-ray and DVD (Best Buy, Kmart, Walmart) and will be able to stream the new chiller onAmazon, Blockbuster, Xbox, Dish, YouTube, Google Play, Vubiquity (AT& Uverse, Charter, Verizon, Mediacom, Suddenlink) and iTunes .

Scars was written and directed by award winning filmmaker and animator Richard Turke with cinematography by Jacques Haitkin (A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 & 2, Wishmaster). The story centers around a young woman named Stacy Walker (Jillian Murray), who flees to her late uncle’s cabin to escape her abusive boyfriend, only to begin having gruesome visions and hearing voices from the surrounding forest. Is Stacy seeing ghosts, slowly losing her mind, or is someone playing a sadistic game?

Golden Globe nominee Tom Sizemore plays Mike Gillis, a deranged husband who kidnapped baby twin sisters to appease his wife’s desire for children, raising them in his basement and killing anyone he deemed a threat. It is in the same forest where Stacy has come for safety that Gillis’ house burned to the ground with him and the children inside. When bodies begin turning up in the present day, the seventeen-year-old investigation of the killings is reopened.

Visible Scars was filmed in Kern County, CA, and parts of Los Angeles. Produced by Josh Todd and Becca Taylor, the film also stars Deja Kreutzberg (Sorority Row) Jonas Fisch (Angels & Demons, The Young and the Restless), Dave Parke (Welcome Back Satan) and Timothy Ryan Cole (Lost in a Crowd), with editing by Denise Howard. The film also delivers a powerful musical score from renowned composer, James Eakin III, whose was performed at Carnegie Hall last year.

"We are all excited for the world to see Visible Scars," exclaims writer/director Richard Turke, who is currently writing the sequel of Visible Scars and beginning preproduction on his next film called Speak to Me, a haunting paranormal thriller.

About SE Campbell
SE Campbell is a bestselling author who published her first book at seventeen. Now, along with working with Richard Turke on the Visible Scars series, she is writing the books for the feature film franchise, Jezebeth. Her novels, Specimen X, Specimen Y, and Specimen Z, are being made into movies by SGL Entertainment. In addition, she is the published author of The Bloodstone Trilogy, the bestseller How to Get Dirt, and Tasting Silver. She is currently twenty-two years old.