Vision America LLC

Vision America LLC Partners with WildFire Marketing

Producer of Tire Sealant in Dawson, AL Begins Robust, New Online Marketing Campaign


Dawson, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- Vision America LLC, worldwide distributor of the number one tire sealant in the world, LiQuiTube, has formed a partnership with WildFire Marketing, a comprehensive web marketing firm specializing in location-based search engine optimization, in order to expand its online presence.

Serving Dawson and surrounding areas up to 50 miles, with shipping to 118 countries worldwide, Vision America LLC has maintained high distribution of LiQuiTube tire sealant since 2010. The company’s signature product can be used in any size air-filled tire, tube or tubeless, on virtually any car, truck or bike.

“LiQuiTube is truly a phenomenal product and we’re intent on making it available worldwide, wherever cars, trucks and bikes are used to commute. If your tire has the potential to go flat for any reason, then there’s no reason you should be without LiQuiTube,” says Jim Rosh, Owner of Vision America LLC. “We are the number one distributor of tire sealant in Dawson, AL and in the world! Why? Because what we have works and it’s doing what it promises for people all over the world.”

Vision America LLC carries all sizes and quantities of LiQuiTube, ranging from 8oz to 275-gallon totes. LiQuiTube has been proven to stop flat tires, save fuel, extend tire life, prevent casing damage and reduce down time. The company can ship worldwide and is always on the lookout for potential distributors of its product.

In forming a partnership with WildFire Marketing, Vision America LLC has taken the first necessary step towards improving its online visibility and cultivating an extensive virtual presence. Through WildFire’s services, the company will improve its local search engine rankings through the provision of optimized content, including a rich new website interface with seamless navigation and a recurring source of relevant content through its blog.

“With such a recognized product, we’re hoping that a more refined online presence will help us to create stronger distribution channels and garner more attention from everyday consumers searching for tire sealant in Dawson, AL,” says Rosh. “Choosing to have WildFire focus on our local search engine rankings and our overall web presence is our way of addressing demand for LiQuiTube in a digital medium. Now, when people search for a smart alternative to fixing flat tires, they’ll find a product that works as well as they expect it to.”

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