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VisionCare Medical Eye Centre in London provides advanced customized contact lenses for the treatment of the eye condition Kerataconus


Harrow, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/09/2014 -- Visioncare Medical Eye Centre is a renowned ‘Centre of Excellence’ with three clinics situated in Harley Street London, Herts and Harrow. Visioncare is firmly regarded as the centre of choice for the provision of the most technologically advanced ranges of contact lenses combined with the utmost level of professional expertise and care.

Among the services provided and range of contact lenses available at Visioncare, the centre offers specialist Keratoconus medical lenses, a lens designed specifically to treat Keratoconus - a disorder affecting the front transparent surface of the eye, the cornea; causing it to thin and bulge. If untreated, this disorder can cause substantial distortion of vision, presenting challenging and complex vision. Although spectacles can provide an early solution, customised Keratoconic lenses are the preferential solution for restoring clear, crisp vision.

With over 25 years of experience in fitting Keratoconic eyes, Visioncare takes great pride in providing specialised lenses contributing to good vision for all cases of Keratoconus. The lenses, which are custom made are available in either rigid or hybrid lenses and fitting requires detailed measurements plus the use of specialised instruments to take a corneal scan.

At Visioncare, Mr Bharat Rughani specializes in fitting Keratoconic eyes and has over 25 years experience within the private practice as well as at Moorfields Eye Hospital. All types of Keratoconus Lenses can be fitted at Visioncare Medical Eye Centre including Rose K2 IC, Kerasoft, Synergeyes, SoClear, ClearKone and Scleral.

Visioncare Medical Centre is particularly interested in fitting patients with Keratoconic medical lenses and with the support of the centre plus association with the Irregular Cornea Foundation and Keratoconus Self Help and Support Group, Visioncare Medial Centre endeavors to provide award-winning treatment and on-going care for Keratoconus.

In addition to Keratoconic lenses, Visioncare Medical Eye Centre also provide daily lenses, monthly lenses and extended wear lenses. There are a range of solutions and advice to suit individual requirements. In addition to this, a range of payment options are available. With extensive experience, qualified professional staff and ongoing professional development, Visioncare Medical Eye Centre is a leading centre for patients’ eye care.

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