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Vision: Life-Changing New College Prep Manual Empowers Students to Reach 'Next Level', with Readers Already Achieving Prestigious Scholarships

Conceived and constructed by Virgil Revish, ‘Vision: Going to the Next Level’ is unlike any other college prep manual ever written. With a model that includes students acknowledging a plan, preparing their plan and then presenting it, Revish is making scholarships available to those who would traditionally find them out of reach. One reader, Darcell Whittaker, has already won a four-year scholarship Virginia’s Norfolk State University.


South Chesterfield, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- While hundreds of college prep guides exist on the market, most fail to give students a concrete plan for success. Stepping in to not only give young people the plan they need, but increase their chances of winning a prestigious college scholarship, Virgil Revish is delighted to announce the launch of his new book.

‘Vision: Going to the Next Level’ is revolutionary to say the least. Based around three steps to a student’s ‘plan’, the soon-to-be-released resource is already seeing amazing success in the field.


In all phases and stages of life, there are many options, opportunities and paths that one can take. Usually, however, there is a process, that may have many roads that will lead an individual to success.

The purpose of this Manual is to identify and define some of the roads, opportunities and options and to help the reader, through a planned program, to reach his/her destiny.

Without regard for the individual, everyone seeking success needs a VISION and a plan. This manual, VISION – Going to the Next Level is more than a plan.

It is program designed to help the reader/student hone the vision, create, improve and execute the academic plan and necessary steps that takes the Vision from a simple longing and desire all the way to reality.

Let’s get started now to define your Vision and understand as you prepare to take the steps that will lead to your success.

“Everything is based around first understanding that a plan for success exists, then preparing the said plan and finally presenting it. Granted, many students get scholarships, but they don’t have the GPA, SAT or ACT scores to reach the ‘next level’. Rather than going through clearing houses, I can show them how to reach this next level for a scholarship in music, sport, drama, cheerleading and a myriad of other endeavors,” says Revish.

One student who followed the guide, Darcell Whittaker, recently received a four-year scholarship to the acclaimed Norfolk State University in Virginia.

“All he had to do was follow the steps outlined in my book,” Revish adds. “He built his plan, presented it and is now being afforded an education that was originally out of his reach. He’s now playing football at the top of his game and enjoying a free education, too. The good thing is that anyone can follow in Darcell’s footsteps by buying my book!”

‘Vision: Going to the Next Level’, published by Friesen Press, will be available soon.

For more information and to keep abreast of the book’s news, visit the author’s official website: http://www.virgilrevish.com.

About the Author: The author lives in Virginia.