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Vision Therapy Expert Dr. Tod Davis Reports Successful Strabismus Treatment


Gainesville, NY, -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- When the parents of young Stacy came to vision therapy expert Dr. Tod Davis to treat their daughter’s strabismus, she was shy and withdrawn from her soccer team and Girl Scout troop. After undergoing therapy, the results are substantial.

Before vision therapy, Stacy struggled to concentrate on her schoolwork, and was clumsy when she played sports. Socially, she was not as outgoing as many children her age. Stacy would often misplace items, and was frequently frustrated by her studies. When her parents took her to Dr. Tod Davis for a vision assessment, he diagnosed Stacy with strabismic amblyopia.

Strabismus refers to the physical disorder where one’s eyes do not properly align. Colloquially referred to as “lazy eye,” this phrase, in fact, refers to a separate condition, where the brain suppresses one eye’s visual signals. “Lazy eye,” or amblyopia, often occurs in people who suffer from strabismus, and strabismic amblyopia refers to a simultaneous presence of both of the disorders.

As of February 8, 2012, after approximately ten months of treatment, Stacy’s parents report striking improvement in their daughter. “Stacy still very much enjoys coming to vision therapy,” Vince, her father, claims. “The exercises are fun for her, and the difference between her now compared to when we first started is remarkable. Regardless of the eye issue, we know one thing for certain: Vision therapy is the answer. As her vision has improved, she’s been happier, her reading, handwriting, and spelling have improved, and she’s become more outgoing.”

“These are the sorts of problems which often go undiagnosed for many years in young children,” Dr. Davis states. “A visible eye turn is often thought to be merely a cosmetic problem, correctable only through surgery. However, it affects vision as well. In the eye which suffered from strabismic amblyopia, we have already seen an improvement in acuity from 20/60 to 20/25 through the prescribed vision therapy. The best part is that we’re only about halfway through her treatment. I, for one, am excited to see where her continued improvement leads.”

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