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Vision Therapy Not Adequately Covered by Insurance Companies

When needed most the insurance companies fail to cover what could be a critical and defining health issue for many people - Vision Therapy


Gainesville, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/11/2012 -- Seeking a thorough vision exam for a child or an adult, to address vision-related issues? There are many questions that need to be asked: Will treatment work? Will the vision therapy expert be able to determine a proper course of action? However, for many unfortunately, there is one question that needs to be asked: Will insurance cover this?

The unfortunate truth surrounding vision therapy is that many insurance providers do not, in fact, cover for vision therapy services, or only cover under a very narrow set of circumstances. Usually, the patient or the developmental optometrist has to demonstrate the medical necessity of the procedure, which can be very difficult, particularly in cases where there has already been Ritalin or a similar drug prescribed for ADHD.

Even among those insurance providers who graciously include vision therapy services in their policy, they may not cover the full amount for a vision therapy session, leaving patients responsible for either paying the difference, or going to one of the insurance company’s approved providers for vision therapy sessions. It is this insurance problem which leads many people to avoid seeking vision therapy services, even when they or their child most needs it.

Many people, however, have made the investment in themselves or their child by paying for the services out-of-pocket. Most vision therapy experts, including Dr. Tod Davis, have financing options available for those who need help paying for the services rendered. The truth is, without the help of insurance, vision therapy can be rather expensive. However, for many of those who suffer from a vision disorder, the price seems small to pay in exchange for the improvement to their quality of life that properly functioning vision provides.

Many vision therapists like to compare the cost of vision therapy to the cost of braces. In many cases, an insurance company will not cover the full costs of the braces, leaving the family to pay the rest out-of-pocket. The family gladly pays, because they want their child to have perfect teeth. The difference is that in many cases, there was never even a medical reason behind the braces, but rather the braces were decided on for purely cosmetic reasons! While we are not against braces, we would strongly encourage those who are faced with a decision between vision therapy and braces to consider their priorities carefully.

Vision therapy, unfortunately, can be difficult to find funds for, especially with many insurance providers not covering the treatment, but the benefits far outweigh the costs for those suffering with vision disorders. If someone suffers from a vision disorder, vision therapy experts like those at Dr. Tod Davis Developmental Optometry & Vision Therapy Services want to help, and will work with patients to help them receive the treatment they need in an affordable manner. Visit us at DavisVisionTherapy.com for more information.