Visionary Speaker Launching a Mission to Save Lives Starting at 9100ft

Local professional keynote speaker, author, speaker and mom is passionate about helping the world recognize their passion and voice is worthy of expression at the global launch of sizzle 2014. It was her climb to 9100ft that ignited the movement.


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- This January 25th – Palm Beach Gardens Suzanne Kovi – seasoned TV host and widely respected speaker and women’s change agent is bringing to the stage a new wave of transformational speakers eager to help the world break free from their past and pave a future of incredible possibilities without limits at the global launch of SIZZLE 2014.

“The world as we know it is changing,” says Suzanne Kovi, International Speaker, Author and Founder of Sizzle. “People can feel the need for change, they know we are on the brink of a major shift and there has never been a time more important than now to have transformational speakers sharing their messages to not only inspire and give hope, but to also provide the ignition, strategies and support to help people break through their fears and create lasting positive change in their lives”.

In a world currently characterized by confusion and lack, bringing together a group of speakers to ‘ignite’ people, as Kovi calls it, might at first sound a little too Pollyanna for many, yet that doesn’t seem to be the case here. This event is about ordinary people who have done extra ordinary things in their own lives – they each have conquered adversities in all areas of their lives – physical, emotional and spiritual. Overcoming their challenges is not just what they share, but they have all come together with the common mission to provide the “real ways” in which they persevered themselves. Sizzle 2014, says Kovi, is a global movement designed to help each person recognize their story has value and when they speak it, they too can be a change agent in this world. This event is for any individual who is passionate about moving forward in life in spite of setbacks, adversities and life altering events. Suzanne is the perfect person to help individuals embrace their life story and transform and translate it into a speaking platform for stage, TV, publications or programs. It was her journey through debilitating depression and on toward 9100ft, did Suzanne realize that all the pain she endured was so she could help save millions.

“I am truly honored that I have been given the tools and skills to help others capitalize on their life journey,” says Suzanne. Suzanne is on a mission to share her story, her 30+ years on stage and TV, as well as her pension for adventure and fun, is the fuel that inspires and ignites her audiences and future change agents. Her signature statement says it all, “Everyone has a passion worthy of expression. When they learn to speak it, then they can change the world.”

Kovi says, “As a result of bringing these extraordinary people together on one stage, those that attend get to share in transformative messages and ways to create success in their own lives.”

About "Sizzle 2014"
“Sizzle 2014” is created by Suzanne Kovi, The Ignitor, and has been developed by Your Burning Message Movement. The event is scheduled for January 25th, in Palm Beach Gardens Florida.

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