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VisionCare Optometrists Can Correct Your Vision While You Sleep

If you rely on contact lenses or spectacles to see, you may believe that without eye surgery you will never be able to see properly without them. This is no longer the case. Using an ingenious treatment called Ortho-Keratology (Ortho-K), Vision Care Optometrists in London can now correct your vision while you sleep.


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/25/2014 -- Though Ortho-K treatment is ingenious and new, the theory behind Ortho - K actually dates back forty years. The idea is that as short sightedness is often caused by a misshapen cornea, by inserting a special contact lens which helps to reshape the cornea while you're asleep, you should have 20/20 vision for the rest of the day.

The theory has now been turned into a practical treatment. This treatment is caused Ortho-K and is used to treat short sightedness.

Unlike many eye treatments, Ortho – K is reversible and is safe to treat children as well as adults. One of Vision Care's youngest patients is nine years old. It has been used successfully in several countries throughout the world treating both children and adults alike. There is also evidence that Ortho K slows down the progression of short sightedness. Vision Care Optometrists are one of the few eye centres to offer the treatment in the UK.

The ortho-K lens has to stay in the eye for a minimum of six hours to take effect. While you slumber, the lens gently reshapes your cornea. When you wake up, you remove the lens and for the rest of the day, you should have largely clear unhampered vision. You also do not have the daily drawbacks of relying on glasses or contact lenses.

To fit the lens Vision Care Optometrists use 3D eye mapping technology. This makes a topographic scan of the front of your eye. Once analysed the optometrist creates the perfect Ortho-K contact lens. After fitting the lens an overnight check is scheduled followed by a two week progress check. (is carried out) to ensure everything is ok. Thereafter, your eyes are checked at three months after initial fitting. Providing everything is ok, your eyes are checked on a regular six month cycle.

The advantages of Ortho - K are clear. As no lenses are worn throughout the day, you do not have the lifestyle issues that spectacles and ordinary contact lenses bring. Ortho - K allows you to live your life on day to day basis with clear vision. Should the contact lenses be uncomfortable, you can simply revert back to your old treatment for short sightedness. The effects of Ortho - K wear off after a few days and are therefore completely safe and reversible unlike laser surgery.

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