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Visions of Light: Inspirational Poetry & Stunning Photography Fuse in Sense-Dazzling Literary Masterpiece

What started as an experiment for photographer Raymond J. Klein has since grown into a compelling collaboration with four local poets and a resulting book that is garnering critical acclaim. ‘Visions Of Light: Inspirational Poetry. Stunning Photography’ contains forty abstract photographs and interpretations of light scenes, each accompanied by uplifting and inspiring verse. It’s the first book of its kind and one that will have readers exploring light and its hidden metaphors like never before.


Vancouver, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/20/2014 -- When it comes to photography, Raymond J. Klein has always been an experimenter. From his early days playing with cameras in the U.S. Air Force to his embracement of the digital age, Klein has built a solid reputation for pushing the boundaries of the still image. His latest book, ‘Visions Of Light: Inspirational Poetry. Stunning Photography’, achieves this goal with gusto.

This powerful new 144-page edition boasts forty stunning images, both originals and those inspired by existing works that reveal the entire spectrum of light with all of its glorious colors, patterns and hidden messages within. Taking this quest for exploration one step further, Klein invited four local Washington state poets to construct meaningful and thought-provoking verses to accompany each image.

Challenging exploration in photography, the second half of the book provides step-by-step tutorials and insights into the creative process. Those with a camera and computer are openly invited to join Klein on his amazing adventure and start creating their own spectacles of light.

“The book showcases both my own original scenes from humanity and nature, as well as the recreation of my previously-published famous images that have appeared in international publications,” explains Klein. “Things kick off to a bold start with a Biblical reference to the book of Genesis accompanied by an artistic photographic light image, in a totally black field double page spread, depicting the undulating wavelengths of light from ultraviolet to infrared in that first split second of the explosion. The Preface, on the next page continues the explosion with additional colors being present. The Introduction reveals the entire spectrum of light with all colors present. It really has to be seen to be believed.”

Continuing, “Each subsequent photo is either a traditional scene or abstract variation of a portfolio of light-induced experimental images. Each original image had to illustrate a phenomenon of a lighting condition; something I am hugely-passionate about capturing.”

Readers agree that the book is captivating, leaving a slew of positive reviews. For example, Holly comments, “This book is not just a basic, on the surface, picture by poem art book. It has a unique value and is definitely worth the hands on experience of reading and interpreting it. It is very relaxing and the beauty of the visuals are very hard to describe in words.”

Susan Robinson adds, “Career Searching? If you’re interested in photojournalism, advertising, or graphic art design, using photography as your means of expression, then the book Visions of Light by Raymond J. Klein, may just be what you are looking for! Mr. Klein’s narrative tells you what is necessary to prepare yourself for this exciting and expanding field of digital photography.”

Owl Lady writes, "Visions of Light" is a masterpiece that dazzles the senses! Mr. Klein has taken photography into a different dimension with unique light images, combined with poetic writings, and assembled a work of true artistry, which I think touches the soul!”

Klein and his poets are keen to meet the public. To that end, the group will be appearing at their local Vancouver (WA) Barnes & Noble bookstore on September 30th for an evening of “Open Mic Poetry”. The event starts at 1900HRS and ends at 2030HRS, Pacific Daylight Time.

‘Visions Of Light: Inspirational Poetry. Stunning Photography’, from Redemption Press, is available now:

For more information, visit the author’s official website: http://raymondjklein.com

About Raymond J. Klein
Born in 1932 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Discovery of my dad’s folding Kodak camera, at age 12, began an adventure that continues to this day. The high school I attended had a photography department which allowed an interest in the subject to bloom.

In 1952 a decision to enlist in the U. S. Air Force put me in a photo unit that provided an opportunity to learn how to use multiple types of still and motion picture cameras. Ending the service career, in 1956 at Orlando Air Force base in Florida, a job opportunity, with RCA optics division, was available. It required that I work at Cape Canaveral manning a variety of motion picture cameras at the beginning of the “Space Race.” Another job opportunity at the then Martin Company, now Lockheed Martin, in a new plant in Orlando FL provided me with a portfolio of still pictures of engineers at work. It was here a glimmer of my lighting concept first emerged.

This portfolio propelled me into the advertising field in 1958, where I landed a job with a top art and photography studio in the city of Chicago. Now my true love in the commercial advertising world would continue with additional experimentation on the lighting concept. This experimentation captured the minds of a variety of art directors at advertising agencies, magazines, music recording studios, and with company executives who desired to use a new and exciting approach to display their products in advertisements.

The studio was a member of the Professional Photographers of America, Inc. I was able to achieve a Master of Photography Degree in 1976 with my commercial advertising images.

During this time my fascination with light and lighting effects evolved with the use of multiple exposure on film. Using this unique approach allowed me to develop a series of images that are now sources to use in the art exhibition field which allows me to jury into exhibitions in several art galleries in the town where I am now retired, Vancouver WA.

The digital age opened up a whole new approach to these exciting images and allowed the designs to emerge out of their cocoons, taking on a whole new meaning. Now using these lighting concepts, in combination with the DSLR, has won prizes in contests sponsored by the international Popular Photography & Imaging magazine.

A chance meeting with a group of poets revealed an uncanny attraction the abstract and natural images had to the poetry I was hearing at their monthly meetings. Collaborating with them I have now completed a book. It is titled ‘Visions of Light,” combining these unique images and poems. The book gives me an opportunity to reveal how the experimental design images were conceived and how they relate to poetry.