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Vista Computer Repair Launches Effective Solutions

Virus And Trojan Repair options that make practical sense for clients


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/14/2016 -- Vista Computer Repair has launched its Virus And Trojan Repair solutions that are ideal for today's users faced with new threats and risks to their valuable information.

It's a known fact that people today cannot do without their computers and laptops, which are absolutely imperative to them. They just cannot manage a day without these devices because they are crucial for their communications, and functioning of their small organizations. But unfortunately there are new threats and risks to data that many of them have to deal with on a regular basis.

Like this year, there is a serious virus / Trojan warning that can have a huge impact on professional and personal users. Cryptolocker is the name of the threat, which is very real for several systems in Florida. Now users in Orlando region can protect themselves from the risks and make the right moves at the right time by hiring the services of the noted Computer Repair In Orlando company.

For those who need to know what this threat is all about, the company has also offered useful information. The way this virus works is that it encrypts people's data including documents, photographs, emails on their computers and desktops. There is no fix for this problem and if the data is not backed up then it gets destroyed. When the data files are encrypted, it shows Cryptolocker and demands a ransom of more than $9000 for the files to be decrypted. The ransom has to be paid within 96 hours or the private encryption key gets destroyed.

It is a serious issue that just cannot be neglected and needs professional solutions that minimize the damage as much as possible. Vista Computer Repair is a name that clients have come to trust because of its timely and cutting edge services. It has the experience and expertise to deal with a complicated issue like this one. Importantly it also has a proven data recovery track record, which puts users' minds at rest. The company's services are also reasonably priced, and that can save them huge amounts.

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