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Visualead Announces Acquisition and Integration of Qurify.com QR Code Generator Into Visualead.com


Tempe, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- Visualead is pleased to announce that they have recently purchased the popular Qurify.com QR code generator and integrated it into the visualead.com website to enhance its capabilities within Visualead QR Codes. Visualead provides advertisers, marketers and businesses with their Visual QR Code Generator and QR Code tutorials as part of their mission to make QR Codes more appealing for customers and more valuable for brands.

Quick Response Codes (QR Codes) are two-dimensional barcodes that are easily scanned by all Smartphones that contain a camera and a QR Code reader application. The QR Code can redirect its scanner to a website, a Google maps location, a video or song, a social network destination, download a vCard into an address book, call a phone number via Skype, and much more.

The emergence of Visualead on the worldwide QR Code stage has provided advertisers with their highly versatile Visual QR Code Generator as well as their QR Code tutorials. As part of their ongoing expansion, Visualead.com has just purchased the well-known Qurify.com QR Code Generator and integrated it into their website to enhance its capabilities.

“Our goal is to bring the most advanced and intuitive QR code generator to businesses while spreading the word of the versatility and power of QR codes in today’s marketplace,” said a Visualead spokesperson. “This acquisition truly helps us to reach and expand on that goal.”

Visualead's Visual QR Code Generator enables users to instantly and seamlessly merge any part of an image into a QR code without any prior QR knowledge. They merely follow the simple three-step instructions and the Visual QR Code Generator instantly does all of the work of creating an inviting Visual QR Code. Maximum scannability is assured as each QR Code is passed through their automatic QA.

Businesses merely upload any image or use a Visualead Gallery image, input a desired QR Code destination and place the QR Code anywhere on their image. The Visual QR Code Generator then instantly and automatically generates the QR Code at the specified location on the image.

Once scanned, the QR Code directs the user’s Smartphone to the provider’s designated destination of choice. Businesses can track their QR Code’s success with Visualead’s analytics via a personalized dashboard where they can save and edit the code, and change its destination at any time, even after printing.

Visual QR Codes are extremely cost-effective as they are easily generated en masse, their use is free and their ability to increase a product’s success is limited only by the business’s imagination. Visual QR Codes have a greater impact than black and white QR Codes and increase scanning by at least 25 percent. Visualead.com visitors can learn more about the physical to digital and the QR Code market on their blog. For more information, please visit http://www.visualead.com/

About Visualead
Visual lead gives advertisers and businesses access to their highly versatile and simple Visual QR Code Generator to instantly and seamlessly merge any part of an image into a QR code. Their vast array of analytics allows users to save, track and edit the QR Code’s success via a personalized dashboard. Funded in April 2012 by Kaedan Capital investment group and private angels, the Visualead mission is to make QR Codes more appealing for customers and more valuable for brands.