Visualsnap Launches the Next-Generation of Wedding Photography


Kent, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Wedding photographer Visualsnap has responded to the trend in clients viewing their wedding photos on screen in preference to prints by introducing easy, immediate and social online private galleries as part of a drive to modernize wedding photography expectations.

Modern wedding photography typically delivers hundreds of photos, but unless the client is paying a premium for prints and albums there is rarely any consideration given to how those photos are viewed. Visualsnap Kent wedding photographer is one of the leading photography companies based in Kent that has responded by including real viewing benefits to his wedding photography service.

In addition to providing clients with a keepsake of digital photos on disc with usage copyright, the new Visualsnap photography experience extends to a sophisticated online gallery to maximise the fun and social aspects of shared viewing, or for convenient private viewing. Clients can browse and view their wedding photography in vivid quality, download full resolution photos to print, or share any image or collection with friends and family instantly by email or through social networks like Facebook. No additional software is required to enjoy the viewing experience.

The benefit for couples is that they now get instant access to their entire collection of wedding photos as soon as post-production is completed. Clients can now enjoy a sophisticated viewing experience on any browser device, anytime, such as mobile phones and computers. Visualsnap has delighted clients with this initiative, receiving praise on the ease of use and ability to not only share with friends and family anywhere in the world but also download and print favorite photos without copyright restrictions or additional fees.

Den from Visualsnap explained, “People don’t really want to hang big wedding prints on their walls anymore, and while albums are a nice keepsake, they are viewed a few times then go into storage. The convenience of having digital access to all your wedding photos where ever and whenever the urge to view or share them finds you inspired me to rethink what the next-generation of wedding photography should encompass. There’s no point having amazing photos if nobody is going to see them, or worst still, if you lose or damage the photos. My service is complete peace-of-mind, clients already love my photography and now they will love the easy viewing experience too.”

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Visualsnap Wedding Photographer rapidly established a popular wedding photography business by specializing only in weddings across Kent, London and Surrey. Bringing quality, experience and reputation in an affordable range of modern packages, Visualsnap consistently delivers bright, flattering wedding photography without the fuss of orchestration.

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