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Vital New Book Assists Posting Military Parents Juggling School Options Dilemma

When posting to a new location, finding the right school for a child’s academic needs is often a worrying and stressful task. However, a new book written a renowned U.S. educator provides Military parents with a complete guide to public, private and charter schools. In short, it’s everything they need to make the right choice for their children.


Kailua, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2013 -- While a new posting affords an abundance of new opportunity, it’s often laced with overwhelming worry and choice. While information is readily available on everything from finding the perfect home to where to make new friends, few resources exist to help parents find the most suitable school for their children.

Often regarded as a daunting task that can have detrimental impacts if left unplanned, helping children adjust to their new home and location is vital to the success of any posting. Noticing the lack of resources available to parents when it comes to choosing a new school, one U.S. educator is filling the gap with an in-demand new book.

Frederick A. Birkett’s ‘The Military Parent's Complete Guide to Public, Private, and Charter Schools’ is written specifically for those posting to a new location. Containing a wealth of information ranging from differing school types and how to visit them to family transition advice and even a list of official Military liaison services, the book serves as a saving grace to those who would otherwise feel overwhelmed by choice.

“The transient nature of military families moving from city to city and state to state has an impact on the entire family, especially children. Young people are left to adjust to their new neighborhood and especially to their new school; this means their parents have the tough responsibility of making potentially life-changing choices on their behalf,” Says Birkett, a former Captain in the USAF.

He continues, “Lots of information is made available to Military families, especially in the areas of real estate, day-care, automobiles and social activities. However, hardly anything exists to help parents manage their school choice options, hence why I wanted to fill this important gap.”

The succinct and focused 108-page guide is resonating with parents around the country, many of whom have placed children in over a dozen different schools. Praising Birkett for his diligent efforts to make their lives easier, the book’s demand is expected to increase as the U.S. Military shifts its focus from Middle Eastern operations to training and garrison on home soil.

Due to its popularity, interested readers are urged to purchase a copy of this vital resource as soon as possible. Please contact the author for more information.

‘The Military Parent's Complete Guide to Public, Private, and Charter Schools’ is available now.

About the Author Frederick A. Birkett
Frederick A. Birkett, Ed.M, is an educator who teaches graduate student-teachers at the University of Hawaii Manoa, in the College of Education.

Mr. Birkett spent 15 years as a Charter school principal in Massachusetts, New York City, and Hawaii. In addition, he has a Masters Degree in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

Fred spent eight years as a Captain in the United States Air Force.