Vitaliy Skugaryev & Igor Filakhtov Seek Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for VITAphoneNEO - A Smart Cloud Intercom

Cutting Edge Technology Lets Anyone Answer Their Front Door From Anywhere – Even From The Other Side of the World.


Palo Alto, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/30/2014 -- VITAphoneNEO is a smart cloud-based intercom powered by the Android OS that mounts near or directly to the front door of any home, building or office. When a visitor comes calling, they’ll use the VITAphoneNEO touchscreen to virtually ring the doorbell. Thanks to the built-in camera, microphone and speakers a full-fledged conversation happens as you answer the door – from your smartphone. When a visitor arrives to the home or office, they'll use the touchscreen to do the equivalent of ringing a doorbell using the «call» button. A few seconds later the home dweller or office worker hears the doorbell ringing – from their smart phone. Visitors are brought to the user’s attention no matter where in the world the homeowner might be – literally.

The VITAphoneNEO make life easier for every homeowner or apartment dweller. That’s because the front door can locked and unlocked by pressing a single button on the smartphone app. Thanks to the built-in biometric scanner it’s no longer necessary to carry a bunch of keys to the home or office anymore; a finger swipe takes care of everything. Residents can always see what's happening outside the front door thanks to the built in infrared cameras that can view and record what’s happening outside. Additional services allow for storing recorded data for any length of time in their remote cloud server infrastructure. For the security-minded, the advanced features of the VITAphoneNEO can supplement and quite possibly replace existing home security systems without any monthly monitoring fees.

Homeowners can install a single unit for the entire home and through the clever architecture, apartment tenants can install a single VITAphoneNEO and share all of the services in every individual apartment; even hundreds of apartments in a high-rise building can be added by the local device administrator in just a few minutes.

There are eight different models of the device available: starting from the entry-level model for the budget conscious with a reduced feature set straight through to the full-featured all-in-one advanced version including every feature and function possible.

Crowdfunding is sought for mass production of the various VITAphoneNEO models as well as democratizing the feature sets through direct input from the crowdfunding community. Backers of this crowdfunding project will enjoy deep discounts on the various VITAphoneNEO models.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on December 21, 2014.

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