Dr Barry Lycka

Vitamin A Cream Provides Natural Skin Sun Protection & Repair : Dr Lycka & Dr Telford

Leading dermatologists discuss how a Vitamin A cream not only enhances naturally occurring skin sun protection but also repairs skin sun damage.


Edmonton, Alberta -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/03/2014 -- As the sunlight beats down on everyone, all day, it causes damage particularly in the form of brown spots, lines, wrinkles and, more dangerously, causing skin cancer too. For a long time, dermatologists have sought a way of turning back the clock to prevent such damage and problems from happening. Research has been ongoing, particularly as to the effect of vitamins on the skin, and it has been discovered that a form of Vitamin A which is naturally occurring in our skin acts as nature’s own filter against the sun and helps repair the damage the sun causes.

To describe in detail the science behind this research and the Vitamin A cream that has been developed, the host of Inside Cosmetic Surgery Today, Edmonton Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Barry Lycka welcomes fellow dermatologist Dr Gordon Telford from Victoria, British Columbia. Starting his award winning dermatological research in 1988, Dr Telford is widely considered a leading authority on topically applied vitamins, and he has created the Cloud range of topical Vitamin-rich cosmeceutical creams.

In this in-depth interview, Dr Lycka & Dr Telford begin by reviewing the science behind the Vitamin A group of molecules and how the research into them has evolved into products. Dr Telford then explains the role performed within the epidermis by one of those Vitamin A molecules - Retinyl Palmitate. It acts as a naturally occurring sunscreen and protection for the skin and a cream has been developed by Dr Telford, which harnesses that natural ability and multiplies it. This Vitamin A Retinyl Palmitate cream is part of the Cloud vitamin cream range pioneered by Dr Telford. The two doctors discuss all aspects of this cream from how to use it, how it works, and what it costs to the profound results it has achieved in not only protecting the skin from sun damage and skin cancers but also in repairing damage that has already happened.

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