Vitamin C Helps to Reduce Cancer (by Dr. Susan White, CEO, Guide Vitamin)


High Ridge, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/26/2012 -- Popularly, C vitamin is very much known at the present time. This should not be surprising though because C vitamin is really required by the body because of its functions that is over 300 in count. In point of fact, it has already been proven that C vitamin is really protecting the body against serious illnesses like cancer, heart disease and many more. A body without vitamin C will not be able to heal from those conditions because vitamin C is very much important in the formation of collagen. When a person gets a cut or injury, the collagen is the one helping on the repair. Therefore, without vitamin C, the body will really suffer to almost impossible. Without the right amount of vitamin C, the body won’t be able to keep the organs in place because the collagen content of it performs a lot of functions.

Vitamin C is also an antioxidant for the body which helps the absorption of minerals and vitamins better. For example, vitamin B, Folic acid and iron, it needs the vitamin C in maximizing its functionality. If your body has more of it, then the defense would become better as it fight against colds and other common ailments and C vitamin. Nevertheless, this may not prevent a person from catching a virus. But it will surely help on the process of recovery.

Vitamin C by the way can be found in every fruit and vegetable but some of them have higher content of Vitamin C compared to others. For instance would be the cranberries and melons. Additionally, tropical fruits have the highest amounts of all fruit. Among the richest sources of Vitamin C, hot peppers are the richest in vegetables. The hotter the pepper, the higher is the content of Vitamin C. Unluckily though, a lot of vegetables lose their usefulness in providing C vitamin if they are boiled in a long period of time because they are water soluble. But for your information, Vitamin C can be retained through steaming and quick stir frying for you to be assured of its efficiency. A daily amount of Vitamin C is easily procured from fruit and vegetables in five portions if they are eaten in cooked or raw form.

To make sure that a person is obtaining C vitamin should be a must because C vitamin supplements are very useful in protecting the body from anything in terms of harm especially injuries, wounds and even serious illnesses. Also, the balance diet should be at the right amount at the same time for the C vitamin to receive sufficient support. Now, if a person is starting to feel tired or lethargic, vitamin C will help this person in recovering from this condition.

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