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Vitamins and Supplements: Website Helps Customers and Consumers Make Appropriate Choices

The world of vitamins and supplements is awash with products, each product promising various health benefits. But there is a fundamental problem with many of the websites and stores selling health products.

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Newark, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/09/2013 -- The world of vitamins and supplements runs a gauntlet of products and services. Each product promises various aids and methods to help a body perform better or achieve maximum results, but there is a fundamental problem with many of the websites and stores selling products.

Most websites lack sufficient information for a customer to make a fully informed decision and many stores have ill-trained staff that speak only about a store brand product or from a prepared script.

“Those looking for specific supplements and vitamins have a solid understanding of their interests. Many sales clerks are not versed in every element of the supplement and vitamin world. They are looking primarily to make a sale,” said David Kamau of Vitamins and Health Supplements.

Kamau and his site work to help customers and consumers make educated decisions about their supplements and vitamin choices. Making the correct choice on products is crucial to the best possible outcome with the products.

“Someone looking to pack on muscle mass is not going to benefit from a weight loss supplement and vice versa. The same can be said for someone with a very specific need versus someone who seeks overall health improvement,” said Kamau.

Kamau takes the time to review supplements and vitamins in detail. His attention to minute elements of each mean educating customers and consumers on the best choices.

Kamau is compensated for some of his recommendations via affiliate programs, but he is not compensated for his review work. This means his opinions are valid and trustworthy.

“Each of my reviews is honest, forthright and provided after extensive research. If I have had personal experience with a product, I will share that with customers,” said Kamau.

Kamau knows what he is talking about as well. A bodybuilder, he understands the need for quality supplements and proper nutrition that includes vitamins. He is more than qualified to help make recommendations to many people based on his experiences.

“I have spent quite a bit of time and money on supplements and vitamins. This is how I am able to provide the information I do,” said Kamau.

Besides helping customers find the best possible vitamins and health supplements, Kamau also helps with regulatory information, including recalls and news in the supplements world.

“Too often many will find out that a particular product or item line has been recalled because of potential dangers. I spend time looking over news and event websites about vitamins and supplements so the customer does not have to do so,” said Kamau.

Through all of his work, Kamau still finds time to follow his own passions of working out in the gym and continuing to live a healthful lifestyle.

“It is the goal of my site to help everyone find the correct vitamin or supplement they need to match to their health goals. If I can do that, I have done well,” said Kamau.

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