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Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery Reveals the Versatility of Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation can do far more than make an average chest bigger, reports Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2014 -- Most people get breast augmentation to make an unremarkable set bigger, but this is actually just one of the situations in which this surgery is performed, reports Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery of Houston, Texas. Other scenarios involve the correction of natural deformities that would look very unbecoming if left alone. Either way, the end result is breasts that are larger and look quite natural.

"Obtaining a natural look can seem hard thanks to the number of people in the media who did not end up with such a result," said Dr. Paul Vitenas of Vitenas Cosmetic Surgery. "In reality, the problem there isn't the surgery itself, but the choice to have the breasts overly augmented. Stretching the skin tight to try to accommodate overly-large implants is what gives that fake look."

Many cosmetic surgeons suggest that patients don't try to go from an A-cup to a DD. Instead, it's better to move up just one or two sizes. This keeps the chest more in proportion to the rest of the body, and it also leaves enough skin to cover the outlines of the implants. Even though an increase of a size or two can seem small to someone dreaming of looking like Dolly Parton, it is really enough to make quite a difference in visual effect.

In standard breast augmentation, the same size of implant is used for both sides of the chest. This gives someone with normal breasts a nice, even increase in size and allows the patient to fill out a blouse in an attractive way. Sometimes, however, the requirements for a good result are much different.

"The expansion of the breasts at puberty doesn't always happen as smoothly as most people think," noted Dr. Vitenas. "Sometimes, only one of the breasts will grow, while the other will be stunted or may remain completely flat. In those cases, there is usually only a need for a single implant. The objective is to even up the chest rather than enlarge it in the typical sense."

In other cases, the breasts may need more than augmentation to achieve the desired results. This is often true in older patients who seek to gain a more youthful appearance. Vitenas breast lift surgery, for example, is often used to perk up sagging breasts. Augmentation may or may not be part of the cosmetic surgery plan.

As this shows, breast augmentation by Dr. Vitenas is far from a cookie-cutter procedure. Instead, the patient's current condition and desired end result are extremely important. No matter what motivates a patient to seek surgery, the doctor and his staff will do their best to create an appealing appearance the patient will be proud to show off.

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