Vito Bertoni

Vito Bertoni Announces Revamped and Expanded Virtual Showroom

Top Australian producer of taps, showers strives to serve customers even better


Perth, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- Leading Australian tap and fixture producer Vito Bertoni announced the redesign and expansion of its virtual showroom. The newly reworked web destination will allow designers, builders and consumers to more easily view and learn about the company's numerous ranges of high-end products, with extensive detail information accompanying photographs of every product the company offers. The preferred brand among Australia's best-known builders of luxury homes, Vito Bertoni has been serving the country for over thirty years.

"Our taps, showers and bath fillers sell themselves, thanks to their combination of impeccable design and industry-leading construction," representative Tony Alder stated, "and our revamped online showroom will make it even easier for buyers to figure out which of our many products are perfect for them." Headquartered in Wangara, Western Australia, the company maintains an extensive physical showroom in that city which is open to all. That showroom displays a large selection of the company's products, while the improved virtual one shows off the full range.

Vito Bertoni produces taps and related goods of the highest possible quality, making use of the most effective and exacting construction techniques. Most of its taps use variations on ceramic disc technology, a construction style that does away with most of the problems associated with the washers used in taps of traditional design. The company's taps which utilize this method of controlling water flow also offer far smoother operation than traditional ones, leading to a user experience that gibes especially well with their sleek, European-inspired designs. Its taps of this sort are so reliable, in fact, that the company confidently offers an industry-leading 10-year replacement warranty on the ceramic cartridges which lie at the heart of them.

All of the company's products have been licensed under the Australian Watermark program where appropriate, and typically carry 4- and 5-star WELS water efficiency ratings, as well. Its products incorporate a number of proprietary, patented technologies to ensure the highest standards of reliability and functionality, including its builder-preferred MIXER-LOKā„¢ fastening system. In every case, it utilizes the highest quality materials, such as solid brass casings and the heaviest possible ceramic disc cartridges, in order to ensure that its customers enjoy the best bath mixer taps, fillers and showers possible.

"Over the course of more than 30 years, we have become synonymous with quality and beautiful design in Australia," Alder continued, "and we intend to keep searching for new ways to produce even better products and serve our customers more effectively. Our improved web presence is another step in this continuous process." Divided into sections according to intended use, the virtual showroom of the company's products focuses on both ease of use and usefulness of information. Customers may use it to order products online directly from the company, thanks to the inclusion of a secure, reliable e-commerce system.

About Vito Bertoni
For more than 30 years, Vito Bertoni has been supplying high-quality taps, showers, bath fillers and related goods to Australia's designers, builders and renovators. The company's focus on graceful, sleek design has won it a number of awards and broad recognition among professionals and the house-buying public. Its relentless pursuit of quality in construction has earned it a reputation for producing the most reliable and long-lasting fixtures on the market.