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Vito Services Offers $500 off a Home Generator


Rockville, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2018 -- After a long and cold winter, spring offers some much-needed relief from the harsh weather. Residents can begin to venture outdoors for garage sales, vegetable gardening and more. There is, however, one task homeowners might want to add to their spring to-do list: Investing in a home generator.

The Rockville area sees its fair share of power outages, especially during the summer months. That's why Vito Services is cutting the costs on new home generators. In addition to offering trusted HVAC services in Rockville, MD, customers who purchase a new generator through Vito Services are eligible to save $500 this season.

While these systems offer major benefits, many homeowners are deterred by the upfront costs. With this special, Vito Services gives customers the incentive to make life-changing improvements to their homes.

"Your life can get put on hold when you're at the mercy of the power lines," says owner Jim Vito. "Whether you want to preserve perishables or prevent your security system from shutting down, a backup generator does more than keep the power going. It gives you year-round peace of mind that, no matter what's happening outside, you can keep living your life uninterrupted—and save yourself money and frustration in the process."

Vito Services partners with Honeywell to offer superior generators known for their reliability, efficiency and durability. These generators operate automatically and will activate within seconds of detecting a power outage. Select models even feature Mobile Link technology, allowing customers to check the status of their generators using their smartphone, computer or tablet.

To learn more about these generators or to schedule service, call the nearest Vito Services office:

Rockville, MD: 301-795-0758
Alexandria, VA: 703-822-4337
Washington, DC: 202-470-3408

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