Viva Fitness: The New Dance Workout Craze


Malaga, Andalusia -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2013 -- Viva Fitness is a revolutionary new international fitness program that involves aerobic dance which can help anyone drop a dress size with a sexy fusion of moves from different dance styles. Join this fun and amazing dance craze and start moving body like never have before. It doesn't matter if anyone have no previous experience in dancing, Viva Fitness can help them shake into the groove and learn the hottest new moves in just minutes. Not only will them be able to shed pounds and sweat into shape, they will also be able to take the fun anywhere they go.

Viva Fitness was founded in Spain and is the next dance aerobic fitness phenomenon to hit the market. Anyone around the world who is itching to learn new moves can try out Viva Fitness, as it is perfect for beginners and dance experts everywhere. This aerobic workout routine utilizes the freshest moves from styles like Hip-Hop, Salsa, Soca, Samba, Martial Arts, Mambo, Bollywood, Street Dance and Meringue. This means that Viva Fitness is a workout routine like no other. Anyone can get down to the latest beats and groove their way into style.

Studies show that anyone need to look for a cardiovascular exercise routine that they love in order to stay fit. If anyone is tired of jogging on the treadmill, getting sweaty on the cardio-bike or going out for a walk, they should try Viva Fitness.Won't notice how long have been dancing to fun, sexy and exciting new beats. This is the perfect way to get into shape fast, especially since the holidays are getting near.

December 2,2013 - New moms can now enjoy a low-impact form of exercise with Viva Fitness. Losing weight after pregnancy has never been easier! This is a safe and effective way to shed pounds fast, so that anyone can fit in to their pre-baby clothes in just a couple of weeks. Just make sure that they do at least thirty minutes of cardiovascular activity (in the form of Viva Fitness dancing) for a minimum of three times a week in order to see results. Leave their boring gym routine for this fun, sexy and exciting new dance craze that everyone is talking about!

Viva Fitness is available on iOS through the iTunes Store, the Amazon App Store and Google Play. It has been live since November 16, 2013. Since then, many happy Viva Partiers have been getting into shape and dancing their way to a sexier body. There are two available versions for this app - a free version and a paid version for only $2.99. The free version gives a sneak peek into some Viva Dance routines where as the paid version allows access to the full Viva Fitness course and join the Viva Party!

Road warriors will be happy to know that with the Viva Fitness App, they can take their workouts anywhere they go! All will need is some free space and Viva Fitness app on any Android or iOS device. anyone can stay in shape even when they are on the road. Just make time for Viva Fitness early in the morning or just before head to bed. Make it a habit to throw dancing shoes on and get into the Viva Party at least three times a week. This way, all will be able to see results in just a short amount of time!

Absolutely anyone can join the Viva Party! Just download the app and get dancing gear on. The helpful warm-up video will loosen muscles and get anyone limber enough to perform the hottest dance moves. Once yanyone is ready to start dancing, they can choose to play videos one by one or hit the Viva Party for a continuous workout. Download the Viva Fitness app now so that they can start dancing themselves sexy with this revolutionary new aerobic workout.

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