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Cristina Botnari to Release Her Latest "Vivaldi Dance Remix" on April 01

Cristina Botnari is about to release latest Classical crossover composition. Its pre-order booking has already begun on Amazon and iTunes


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/03/2014 -- Pre-order booking of “Vivaldi Dance Remix” created by the Washington, DC Grammy team of Cristina Botnari and Matthew Shell has already begun on Amazon and iTunes, with the launch slated for April 1, 2014.

“The eternal creations of classical music have not been able to elicit expected response from new generation. Such creations have remained elusive for today’s youth. I have been contemplating to bridge the gap and present the creations in a new package that would attract the young generation and create a taste for classical music,” explained Cristina Botnari, while clarifying her thoughts that went into the making of the music.

Priced at $0.99 and having a run time of 3.02 minutes, it is a Classical Crossover, remix of a part of 3rd movement of Vivaldi concerto in A minor mixed with modern pop beats that has been highlighted on iTunes where it can be viewed and purchased.

Cristina Botnari goes on to say,“I am expecting some positive response to the launch as pre order bookings have shown some encouraging signs and I am hopeful that the buildup has just begun and will gather momentum after the launch.”

Cristina Botnari is an artist, radio host, producer with extensive experience in all aspects of classical music she is the founding Director of the Royal Music Society foundation and is on the advisory board of Directors for the Russian Ballet Academy of Maryland as well as a Grammy voting member.

A student of Western Classical Music is quite encouraged on getting the news about the launch of the remix composition says “I have heard it on iTunes and it has been a new kind of experience altogether. I would look forward for more such remixes that could give us a peek into the amazing world of classical music. A great effort to popularize the genre among youngsters.”

Her last released compositions “Your Smile” composed by Jerzy Sapieyevski& “Vivaldi Remix” had received good response as would be evident from the tweets available and the new release should meet with a fair amount of success.

About Cristina Botnari
Cristina Botnari is a Classical music industry professional and a qualified musician. She wears many hats of an artist, performer and producer. Holding 2 Master Degrees from prestigious Universities, Cristina has extensive experience in Governance, Production, Organization, Marketing, PR and other aspects of the industry. She is the Executive Producer for the Russian Music Society record label and one of the Founding Directors of the Royal Music Society Foundation as well as the host of the Classical Music Hour radio program on For more information, visit her website at