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Viva's US Patented Herbal Sleep Aid Will Now Benefit Both Americans and Canadians


Ferndale, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/28/2016 -- Recent research shows an estimated of 80 million North Americans have sleep problems and the number is increasing annually by 5% for sleeplessness cases. The majority of these incidences involve the younger generation, which may correspond with the increased reports of lower work efficiency among the younger generation. Modern sleep aids will often lead to drowsy side effects after waking up, which is the primary reason behind the concern of using these aids. Without receiving the proper care, sleeplessness raises a major public concern for our quantity and quality of sleep.

To address this issue, after 10 years of research Viva's scientific experts have found the unique synergetic effects that only exist with the precise combination of two herbal ingredients: Yuanzhi (Radix Polygalae) and Baiziren (Semen Platycladi). An all-natural and herbal combination to help relieve sleeplessness is now available. Derived from traditional Chinese medical ingredients, InsoZia is completely safe, easily absorbed, and will not induce drowsy side effects common in many current sleep aid products as it does not induce a new sleeping cycle to the user's biological clock.

InsoZia will also help improve sleeping quality when travelling between different time zones. Viva's patented technology and formulation ensures the purity and safety of the product and our experienced extraction method ensures not only premium product but also consistent quality in every bottle. All of these efforts have a single purpose: to create a natural, safe, and effective sleep aid. This will allow the consumer to fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, and feel refreshed sooner.

About Viva Pharmaceutical Inc.
Viva is one of the biggest GMP-certified pharmaceutical and natural health food products manufacturers in British Columbia, Canada. Since 1994, Viva Pharmaceutical Inc. has built a reputation as a leading manufacturer committed to the consistent production of natural health food products with premium quality. Viva Nutraceuticals product line is the pinnacle of Viva's experience and would serve as the foundation for future business cooperation.

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