Vivi Offers Trustworthy and Reliable Mandarin Interpreters


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Vivi recently announced the availability of their interpretation services to those who need to enhance their communication with their Chinese business partners and their Chinese customers.

Their clients can rely on the translators and interpreters of Vivi because their skills and expertise in translation and interpretation have been honed through many years of experience. They can be sure that whatever ideas and concepts they want to convey are exactly what their business partners will get.

The most used Chinese language in the country is Mandarin Chinese. It is the language used especially in business. This is where Vivi comes in. It is a Chinese website that is designed to help every foreign businessman, or any foreign traveller for that matter, effectively navigate through China’s many dialects.

Since Mandarin Chinese is the business language in China, a businessman who wants to enter the Chinese market needs high quality translations of his materials, as well as a Mandarin interpreter that will convey his true intent to his Chinese business partners.

This is what foreign businesses needs in China. Vivi’s Chinese translators are trustworthy and will only communicate a businessman’s real concepts and ideas that he wants his Chinese partners to understand. Aside from this, the Shanghai interpreter will also help the foreign businessman in navigating unknown places in China to enable him to go to places without any delay or trouble.

About Vivi
Vivi is a Chinese website operated by a team of professional and certified Chinese interpreters and translators with headquarters in Beijing, China. They have a combined 100 years of translation and interpreting experience, both as employees in medium and large companies, as well as freelance workers. For more information, please visit