Vivid Illumination and Performance

Vivid Illumination and Performance Launches Online Catalog of LED Auxiliary Lighting

Company offers top of line lights to off road enthusiasts says company spokesperson


Willmar, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/09/2014 -- With the help of the Internet, men and women across America have created an entire subculture of off road truck enthusiasts. For these hardy individuals, a truck purchased at a dealership is just the basic canvas upon which they create, making improvements and modifications to the vehicle until they have a masterpiece that suits their needs, fulfills specific purposes and reflects their personalities. The purpose of the majority of modifications is to make the truck perform better and be easier to handle when driving off road, whether on the beach, in the desert, or out hunting game. The motto of most off roaders is to be ready for whatever comes their way, and one of the first modifications that most off road enthusiasts make to a truck is the addition of an off road light bar. In an effort to provide off roaders with the best in available lighting equipment, the newly formed Vivid Illumination and Performance ( has launched its online catalog of high end off road LED lighting products.

According to company spokesperson, Colton Haeffner, "Vivid Illumination and Performance is a new business endeavor as of 2014. We felt there was a need for a company that specialized in only the best top quality products, and that would provide consumers with the necessary information to make educated purchasing decisions. We eventually plan to manufacture our own lighting, but for now our goal is to provide our clients with the best equipment on the market and to make sure each customer is completely satisfied. We will be providing product reviews and comparisons on our website as well as other useful information that will help do-it-yourselfers create the off road truck of their dreams."

Effective off road lighting requires far more than standard issue headlamps. Well designed off road lights enable drivers to see much farther and to a higher degree than do standard lights. When you install light bars you're typically able to see in any direction, and therefore will be aware of dips, drops, and other changes in terrain as well as of the presence of any obstacles. It is also possible to mount off road lights low on the truck so that the depth of holes and ruts in the road can be seen before driving into them. Most people start with a strong light source mounted high on the car and go from there. There are times when thick underbrush will block the light of standard lights but auxiliary lights mounted high up will illuminate even the roughest path. They will also ensure you see any animals that might be on your trail.

About Vivid Illumination and Performance
Vivid Illumination and Performance is a new company providing information, specs and an online catalog of only the best in off road and workshop LED auxiliary light bars and sources.