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Vivid Vision Announces New Partnerships with Architecture Firms in Warsaw and Switzerland

Vivid Vision is producing new 3D renders for huge architectural firms in their home city of Warsaw as well as expanding their partnerships abroad, including new firms in Switzerland.


Wroclaw, Poland -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/09/2015 -- Design is a constantly evolving discipline, and has driven much of cultural, artistic and technological innovation since the earliest civilizations. Now, in the 21st century, design has some of its most powerful tools to draw on, utilizing modern materials and approaches in new and innovative ways to create unforgettable spaces. Vivid Vision is a 3D design studio specializing in architectural visualization and interior designs, and has expanded rapidly to provide services to many firms in Warsaw. Now, they are expanding internationally through new partnerships in Switzerland.

Vivid Vision is embarking on wide spread cooperative push with several large architecture firms in Warsaw Poland. The firm is exploring the new frontier of product design visualizations, allowing them to create renders unique throughout the whole of Europe, making them a much sought after partner.

Projects currently being worked on include a 95ft sea yacht design, as well as an award winning new home design that recently won the "Experimental Dwelling" category of the latest architectural competition, sponsored by Builder magazine. This, combined with their expansion into Switzerland, makes them a company on the rise.

A spokesperson for Vivid Vision explained, "3D Visualization allows architecture firms to present their clients with photorealistic representations of the finished product before the first brick has been laid. For the first time, designers can model their spaces virtually to fine tune their designs and perfect them for presentation, even including factors like the sun's path across the sky, shadows cast by adjacent buildings and more. The work we do makes the theoretical real in a virtual space, and makes landing major clients easier than ever. That's why we're becoming increasingly popular with businesses across the world, and why we hope to continue to develop cutting edge presentations on behalf of new and existing clients."

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Vivid Vision is a creative studio specializing in 3D visualization of interior and architectural design. They focus on creating narrative and atmospheric environments. Their unique expertise in architecture and understanding of architectural design has proven a great resource to many of clients. They help grasp the potential of their project and believe passionately that every visualization should precisely express an architectural idea. For more information please visit: