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Vividly Capturing Ethereal Moments, Artist Promotes Art on Kickstarter


Seoul, South Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2015 -- Aeppol, a talented young artist can capture the beauty of everyday life and draw them vividly on canvass that bursts with life and color, transforming the fleeting moments into a timeless beautiful panorama of what is youth.  With the help of Kickstarter she is promoting her work to give every art lover a chance to share her passion.  The artist portrays the precious moments, beauty, pureness of soul and gentleness of the young, painting the short-lived moments into stunning canvass of permanence.  When Aeppol's work was featured on Boredpanda and on Israel's press Yediothahronoth, a groundswell of fans has flourished and showed love for the artist.  Admiring her playful mastery of light and shade and her innate talent of executing colors in all shades and hues when framing soft giggles and smiles of youth.  Her artworks evoke life suspended in time, the subjects exuding genteel character, shy beauty and lovely eyes of innocence seen only in the youthful years of one's life.  Her aesthetic prowess can be viewed at

"I'm an artist who tries to capture the beauty held in the uniqueness of the ethereal moments from everyday life that inspire us before they disappear forever." Aeppol said, disclosing her thoughts and inspiration behind the art. The artist further said, "The beautiful days of your youth, which hoped to be everlasting, sustained in illustrations."  Her artworks are contained in a 96 page coffee-table book.

About Aeppol
The simplicity of  life seen from a youthful perspective is where the artist draws her inspiration, painting mostly on daily activities usually seen in young people. Seizing moments of joys and excitements, as well as the pensiveness and slumber afforded only to the young.

Contact Information:
Contact Person: Jimmy Hunt (Aeppol's associate)
Contact Number: 82-10-2642-7993
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