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VLondon's Travel Guide: Fueled by a Growing Dissent Amongst Writers


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/24/2015 -- Fueled by a growing dissent amongst writers, VLondon's Travel - has set its writers free. Anonymous and truly free of financial sponsorship, it's looking to give the honest opinions that the public is crying out for.

The world of digital media has been a great force for the press. Not only has it brought in vast swathes of new readers and greatly prolonged the shelf life of articles, it's also empowered an entirely new generation of writers to pick up their pens and be read. In theory, it should be the crowning glory of the industry, but instead it's been met with real unhappiness and complaints from trained journalists.

Why? Because standards are rapidly declining. Non professional writers lack the code of ethics and the training that those with qualifications possess, leaving them as something of a grey area. Nowhere is this more clear than in the tourist industry, where many writers have begun to act in a way that's unhelpful to both the public and the journalistic community. Trading promotional material for good reviews has become something of a standard, and those writers who try and stay straight are often frozen out.

That's why we've launched VLondon's Travel. A totally anonymous guide to London's attractions, written by experienced journalists, it aims to free its writers from the pressures that come from having your name in the byline. It enables frank, honest reviews of even the most revered of institutions and it's proving to be something of an iconoclast already. The public simply can't get enough either, loving its truthful and edgy style that's so far away from deferential spin that so many other online publications put out.

The lead writer of the project, whose name won't be disclosed for obvious reasons, had this to say. "The world of modern journalism is a minefield for readers. Unless you're looking at the very biggest publications in the world, there is a huge degree of influence being exerted by brands and businesses over the content that the public gets to read. This pressure is highly detrimental, and is both helping to lure unfortunate customers to subpar businesses and bury the independents who don't have that level of influence. I'm proud to be a part of a publication that rejects that pressure and instead decides to publish the ungarnished truth."

About  VLondon's Travel
A site that encourages honest and unabashed journalism, VLondon's Travel frank style is taking the capital by storm, with many readers calling it "a breath of fresh air."

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