Voibella Releases Its Vitamin C Serum & Receives Incredible Reviews

VoiBella, renowned manufacturer of health care products, has introduced its all new anti aging solution dubbed the VoiBella Vitamin C Serum.


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/25/2014 -- Although Anti-Aging products have long been in the beauty and skin care market, VoiBella’s Vitamin C Serum brings forth high quality ingredients to the masses. Depending primarily on Mother Nature for its incredible anti-aging benefits, the VoiBella Vitamin C Serum uses 20% Organic Topical Vitamin C combined with Hyaluronic and Ferulic Acid. Thus, to celebrate the release of its new product, VoiBella has announced a discount offer of 67% on the Vitamin C Serum for a limited time.

According to the manufacturer of the product, the Vitamin C Serum has a lot more to it than what meets the eye. Research has backed the sheer power and effectiveness of Vitamin C on the human body, especially the skin, and the Vitamin C Serum ensures that all of that strength is harvested and packed into a powerful anti-aging tool. Hence, the ingredients of Vitamin C Serum aim to put the product on top of ladder in the skin care market.

VoiBella Vitamin C Serum - A Powerful All Rounded Skin Care Package

Skin care and anti-aging products such as creams promise a host of benefits, but seldom deliver. What hinders the performance of these products the most is the use of low quality ingredients that do more harm to the skin than good. With VoiBella's Vitamin C Serum skin care solution though, the manufacturer has focused on providing the beauty conscious market with a package that delivers on all fronts.

A. Hudson, a pleased user of Vitamin C Serum by VoiBella states, “I hope that anyone searching for solutions to soften wrinkles and lines and make their facial skin look and feel brighter will try both hyaluronic acid serums and vitamin C serums. My disclaimer is that I have benefited from each and every one I have tried. I love the fact that most vitamin C serums also use hyaluronic acid serum and that includes this one. The manufacturer also emphasizes that it is made to the highest standards in the USA in GMP and FDA certified facilities.” He further adds, “I also love the money back guarantee that shows the confidence the manufacturer has in their product! I definitely recommend it to others to try."

Vitamin C Serum by VoiBella – A Class Apart

Although VoiBella has studied the incredible benefits Organic Vitamin C has on the skin, it has not been solely dependent on the Vitamin for its Vitamin C Serum. In fact, what differentiates the Vitamin C Serum from rest of the competition is the usage of two other ingredients, namely Hyaluronic and Ferulic Acid. These two ingredients triple the power of the anti-aging formula and also provide a host of other benefits. Hylauronic and Ferulic Acid reduce wrinkles , fine lines, skin tones, and fade spots. Moreover, to help provide the benefits of the powerful solution even more directly, VoiBella has used a new pump system that increases the amount of C20 absorbed by the skin.

About VoiBella
Made using the very best ingredients, the VoiBella Vitamin C Serum not only promises results, but also delivers them. The product ships with a money back guarantee, ensuring a totally risk free solution for the user. VoiBella is a renowned brand in the beauty and skin care industry dedicated towards providing guaranteed solution.

For more information about how to avail the 67% discount on the Vitamin C Serum, visit http://www.amazon.com/VoiBella-Vitamin-Hyaluronic-Ferulic-Moisturizer/dp/B00LI2QYJK/ref=sr_1_56?s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1408540402&sr=1-56&keywords=vitamin+c+serum

More information about the company can also be found on its official website at http://voibella.com

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