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Voice of the Angels Offers Now Deeply Inspirational Psychic Readings for Free


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2016 -- Voice of the Angels, an online library featuring stacks of psychic readings and angel readings clips, recently started offering psychic readings for free for people who want some inspiration amidst a harried lifestyle. The owners of the online library said that the first three minutes of every audio clip is completely free for anyone and everyone and listeners need to add funds if they wish to continue after the first three minutes.

However, the owners of Voice of the Angels said that interested listeners must sign up on their website to get started. There are quite a few psychic readings to choose from. Voice of the Angels subscribers can easily browse their online directory of audio clips and choose any of the psychics. The e-library also has a toll-free helpline number which can be used for signing up and for getting on-call assistance.

Subscribers can also read the bio, experience and testimonials to each of the psychic listed on the e-library. The psychic readers listed on the e-library are all real and professional psychics who do psychic living and many other related things to help people and for a living.

"All of our psychics are real psychic readers who have been interviewed and tested to verify their ability to influence people, especially those who are in search some peace of mind. Also, the owner of this e-library is a psychic medium himself, which is a reason why he can easily select the best psychics from the applicants. Also, each of the psychics has a special ability to influence and inspire people when they need it and they are all clairsentient and clairvoyant", said a source close to the e-library.

Will Barnby, the owner of Voice of the Angels, recently appeared in a press conference where he talked at length about how their psychic readings can benefit people who are depressed because of unrequited love, troubled relationships, cash crunch or miserable career. "Privacy and honesty are the two big factors why people choose us quite often", he said while talking to the press here in California.

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Voice of the Angels is an online library containing scores of psychic readings, angel readings, card readings and astrology readings.

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