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Voice over Training: Creating the Undeniable Demo

Today's voice over talents depend heavily on a collection of short pieces of recorded work, "the demo," to attract clients and agents for their work. With the advent of home studios, more and more people are coming into the field of voiceover. "Your demo has to stand out in the crowd," says long-time talent and voice acting teacher Pat Fraley. "Your demo must be what I call 'Undeniable.'"


Roseville, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2013 -- Pat Fraley will present his techniques of crafting voiceover demos in a new 90-minute webinar: Creating The Undeniable Demo." The live webinar, including a valuable question-and-answer segment, will be presented on Tuesday, November 26th, at 6p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

"In my 40 years of working as a performer and teacher, I have rarely heard excellent demos," says Fraley. "I've spent two years contacting the top agents, advertising creative directors, writers, producers, and publishers, and clearly the message I’ve received is that they are not getting what they want. Instead, what they're getting are boring and ineffective demos."

Fraley has compiled his research with agents, casting directors, producers, and others, along with his experiences in crafting demos, into a 30-page downloadable workbook in the .pdf format. The workbook will be distributed to each participant when he or she registers for the webinar.  Recordings of the webinar that can be streamed or downloaded will be distributed to participants, and will also be available for purchase several days after the live webinar runs.

Fraley says there are three key aspects to demo production: copy selection, production, and the skill set of the performer. "The performer's skill set often isn't the problem,” said Fraley. "Many demos miss the mark because the performer's personal style is not clearly presented."

During the webinar, Fraley will address topics such as why good demos are a necessity, the problems with most demos, and the specific needs for three key types of demos: Commercial, Animation/Character, and Audiobook demos. He will play examples of excellent demos, and have selected demonstrators perform demo segments as he coaches them.

"Demos are the voice actor's primary sales tool," says Fraley. "Demos have to accomplish very specific things, matching the current trends of what clients are looking for. And they have to do it fast, often within 10-15 seconds or less! That's why it's important to study the anatomy of an 'undeniable demo.'"

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