Voicely by VidToon: An Effective Cloud-Based Software for Creating Professional Voice Overs

Voicely by VidToon, a text-to-speech, and fully automated software, helps with making professional voiceovers online.


Marrakech, Morocco -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/21/2021 -- Atlas Web Solutions SARL is a full-service IT company specializing in innovative web solutions, custom cloud solutions, and end-to-end solutions. Some of their products include VidToon, a video animation software, Voicely by VidToon, a text-to-speech software. Their voice-over software, Voicely, operates on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and can convert any text into a standard and realistic voice-over. Voicely by VidToon is an online text-to-speech software that Atlas Web Solutions SARL designed. 

In response to a query about how Voicely works, Voicely by VidToon's spokesperson commented, "Voicely has a wide selection of premium voices in several languages. As soon as you can recognize your international target market, you only need to translate your text into their native language and add it to our smart software to produce a voice-over. On our platform, we provide you such access to help your business scale up and achieve the growth you have always envisaged".

Voicely by VidToon is software available for just a single payment of $69. It serves as an innovative tool for making explainer videos, animated videos, educational videos, audiobooks, podcasts, Video Sales Letters (VSLs), marketing videos, and more. All users of Voicely need to input or paste their text into its editor to convert the text to voice. The software comes with additional features that enable it properly distinguish punctuation marks and pronounce words. People who are looking for one of the best text reader software can consider Voicely.

The spokesperson further added, "Voicely offers several basic voices, which are just inexhaustible. It also offers up to 20 hours of standard voices and 10 hours of neural voices, which is increasable. Neural voices are charged at 0.0004 per char, while standard voices are charged at 0.0002 per char. However, since we provide free voices, and standard/neural voices have default samples, we do not offer refunds if users partially or completely consume their credits".

Furthermore, Voicely by VidToon has numerous text-to-speech customization options and voice selections, including male, female, young, and old voice tones. Users are also able to modify voice type, speed, and pitch. When users create their voiceovers, they can export them in MP3 audio format, which plays on most devices. More so, on Voicely, users can add background music to their voiceovers and adjust voiceovers to about 20 semitones higher or lower. For quality text to voice over software, individuals interested can take advantage of the solutions offered by Voicely.

About Voicely by VidToon
Voicely by VidToon is an innovative text-to-speech software owned by the Atlas Web Solutions company. Among the company's other resourceful digital products is VidToon, an animated explainer video maker software with a wide range of features for creating professional and effective animated videos for marketing and advertising.

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