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VoicePing Enables Smart Communication as Part of Enterprise Mobility Strategy for Field Workers


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2015 -- VoicePing, a Unified Communications Application for Field Workers, enables companies to get things done faster via smart communication among field workers. As companies launch Enterprise Mobility Applications for their field workers, they are finding that field communication is essential in ensuring a smooth deployment and daily operations.

With VoicePing bundled as an application on company issued smart devices, Supervisors can quickly get the attention of their colleagues with instant voice messages. Workers whom have used Walkie Talkies would be familiar with the mode of operation and the benefits of instant voice for quick and short communication. Companies can also reduce the hardware devices workers have to carry by enabling the smart device to do many functions including walkie talkie.

VoicePing makes it simple to send instant voice messages and stay connected with other team members. To aid in hands-free operation for logistic drivers and event organizers, a wired or Bluetooth headset can be used to begin a message and listen to the replies of colleagues.

The decision to provide the app free is to allow Companies whom have not experienced the benefits of Walkie Talkies to experience it for themselves without investing in Walkie Talkie hardware.

When asked, Zhou Wenhan, the CEO of VoicePing said, "We are excited to allow more companies and operational staff to experience the benefits of instant voice communication. Companies with mobile workers whom are not using walkie talkies are missing out on the productivity that such a technology can bring. By downloading an app, we enable them to experience the benefits without buying expensive hardware upfront."

He further added, "In most parts of Asia, companies have never experienced Walkie Talkies that can reach country wide. Now with Smart Walkie Talkie - VoicePing, companies and colleagues can quickly resolve issues and get things done with group walkie talkie, no matter where they are."

With Smart Walkie Talkie - VoicePing, all the familiar walkie talkie technology is integrated into a smartphone application. The app also has smart features that allow one to see if his colleague is online and if his message is delivered to help him easily reach to workers.

About VoicePing
VoicePing is a Core Communication App that is enables companies to communicate smarter with field workers and get things done quickly . VoicePing was started with an idea to re-invent 50 year old Walkie talkie technology and make it smarter.

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