Voices of Dissent Radio Show Aims to Give the American People the Facts Without the Spin

A no hold barred Radio show is bringing the people of America the truth that some politicians want swept under the carpet. For too long, people have been told what the spin doctors in the U.S government want the people to believe, but the Voices of Dissent Radio show are putting a stop to that and bringing their listeners the truth.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/03/2014 -- Americans' have lost confidence in all three branches of the U.S government. In The Supreme Court, only about 30% of Americans' were confident in their abilities, for Congress about 7% and The Presidency reached record lows of around 29%. Many American's feel their voices are not being heard and serious issues that affects them is being positively spun. Men and women are fed up of not hearing the truth, all they want is to bring back true American values, while at the same time hearing the truth about what is happening in their own country and issues that affects the nation. A program called 'Voices of Dissent' has taken to the air waves to shine a spotlight on the many ways the United States Government has failed the American people. As well as bringing important stories that concentrate on facts rather than spin, they are also giving back the American people their voice.

Voices of Dissent is hosted by Marc Jernigan, Ric Runsteadt, Justin McKinsey and Jon Olinger. They seek to be the collective voice of the American people who are frustrated over the current state of the American government. They believe in a mission of peace and business, but as the years have gone by they have seen the fall of a once great country. At one time, all countries looked to the United States for guidance as they ranked first in almost every category. America is now ranked 79th in elementary-school enrollment, 12th in four-year degree attainment, 23rd in infrastructure, 27th in life expectancy, and 18th in diabetes. However, America is ranked first in having the most crime for the richest country, the largest debt as well as a serious obesity problem.

These types of statistics have not gone unnoticed to the hosts of Voices of Dissent. Every Saturday their show is broadcast live with special guests discussing current issues that are relevant to what is happening to the American people. Key guests that have knowledge to share have been interviewed on the show from professors to state representatives, to best-selling authors.

Brooklyn native Alan Dershowitz the American defensive lawyer, jurist, author and political commentator was recently on the show. He speaks candidly about his experiences and opinions during his time dealing with the Indiana court system during the Mike Tyson rape trial. The politically conservative and American public interest lawyer, Larry Elliot Klayman was also recently interviewed to speak about his thoughts and his case against the NSA. He won an injunction to stop the National Security Agency from tapping the phones of the American people. Sharyl Attkisson is an American author and a former investigative correspondent for CBS news and author. She discusses her experiences being in the media and what happened in the wake of her investigative reporting.

When asked what the show is about they are quoted as saying:

"The show is about the "truth". We are Americans, we want to convey the American Experience to our audience. We are frustrated where we are at today. We don't see the issues as the left versus the right. We see the issues as liberty versus tyranny."

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About The Voice of Dissent
The show is about the truth. Giving the people of America the facts at what is happening and not false information provided by spin doctors on behalf of the American government.