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Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/08/2014 -- Switch2VoIP offers VoIP for Call Center in India with a great variety of services and features. The company aims at providing their users with an all-inclusive communication experience that too at the most competitive price ever. Users will have unlimited access to Voice over Internet Protocol channels for one single account. This feature is helpful for users who need multiple channels for the purpose of conducting simultaneous business calls or make calls to more than one client or individual at a time. Companies can now get rid of those service providers who charge per channel thereby charging more on bills.

Call centers and IT companies can now avoid high fees by simply signing up with Swtich2VoIP. Switch2VoIP offers the best rates to companies who have to make regular International VoIP calls. The other valuable features of VoIP for call centers in India are Pay As You Go Billing Model, Premium A-Z VoIP termination, Wholesale VoIP rates without the need for buying huge; Balance can be added online with Credit Card or PayPal, 24 / 7 technical support and customer service and total compatibility of IP PBX with VoIP service.

The other services offered by Switch2VoIP are VoIP for businesses where businesses can gain access to premium digital voice solutions and reduce their long distance calling bill by 65% and making internal calls for free. The A-Z VoIP Termination wherein billions of calls are managed every year with 99.99% accuracy. Virtual Hosted VICIdial for users who look for fast start-ups with instant advantages and savings on internet bandwidth, hardware initial costs and constant maintenance and backups. Free USA and Canada Virtual Phone Number, International DIDs, Bulk SMS messaging, USA toll free numbers, etc. are some of the other services offered by Switch2VoIP.

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Switch2Voip, http://switch2voip.us/ offers VoIP for Call Centers, Toll Free Numbers, Hosted Vicidial and International DID’s. The professionals here with their hard work and expertise build the best Sip Trunking VoIP services for their customers. The company provides call center VoIP services in USA, India, Canada, Europe, Philippines, Africa, Central America, South America, and the countries in The Caribbean such as Jamaica, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico.

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