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Voka Future Indicator Shows Positive Growth of Ilumen Company


Rotterdam, Netherlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2015 -- According to an official finding Ilumen company has continued to soar high in the VOKA future indicator. This was revealed as per the indications of the economic barometer which is being initiated by Economic Chamber of Commerce Limburg. In relation to this positive move, a member of the association stated, "During the first two quarters of 2015 the Limburg economy seemed to set just the stagnation of the end of 2014 continued. We then fluctuated around the 67 indicator points. However, the break of summer marked a clear change."

Ismael Ben-Al-Lal, the co-founder of the Ilumen Company who was pleased with the revelation made by ECC Limburg keenly said, "We try between idea and before depositing a patent first to test whether it is possible." He continued, "We try to be a no-nonsense company. If we want to register a patent it means that we have already seen in the lab that it can."

According to sources, the Ilumen Company has been highly credited for developing a solution for the Potential Induced Degradation (PID). Upon further inquiries it was revealed by Mr. Ismael, "The problem of PID was known for 20 years. All solar panels lose efficiency by PID. That is inherent in the technology. Then if we can make sure we are the first with a solution of course we have several steps ahead of the rest."

The device named as PID-box has the potential to regenerate the affected panels with PID and even prevent the development of PID unless it is used for picking up the roof panels to the inverter or to make adjustments.

Ismael also expressed, "The PID box is 100% Belgian. All our suppliers are Belgian." He continued "Currently we produce about 1400 PID boxes per month. Besides, we also respond to international orders which we are really proud of."

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