Volkswagen Enthusiasts Can Now Read VW Tuning Mag on the Go

VW Tuning Magazine Is Now Available On Smartphones And Tablets Through Google Currents.


Carlsbad, Portugal -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/21/2013 -- Now Volkswagen enthusiasts can read their favorite online resource about VW’s when they are on the go! VW Tuning Mag has just announced that it is now available for mobile readers through the Google Current service.

Google Currents is yet another innovative service through Google. With Google Currents, users’ favorite publications can be accessed via their Android tablet or phone, as well as via their iPhone or iPad. Instead of trying to read VW Tuning Mag online and navigating through the full website, with Google Currents, users can now view the popular online magazine in a format that is more appropriate and convenient for mobile viewing.

When VW Tuning Mag’s readers sign up for Google Currents, they will receive a few other benefits as well. From leading publications to smaller blogs, Google Currents users can browse, read, and share their favorite content. Everything that is on Google Current is presented in a “swipable” magazine format. Beyond publications, like VW Tuning Mag, that readers will actively choose to read on Google Current, users can access other information as well. Google search technology identifies and delivers the hottest breaking stories in categories such as world, entertainment, sports, science, and more. Google Currents is ready for high speed viewing anywhere and everywhere; now readers can take VW Tuning Mag and a multitude of other blogs and publications with them on the go.

In order to access the popular Volkswagen resource on Google Current, users must first register. They can follow this link to get VW Tuning Mag through Google Currents. By going to the registration link, users will have to complete a quick download in order to get Google Current on the device of their choice, and it is as simple like that. In just a few minutes, VW enthusiasts and VW Tuning Mag’s biggest fans can now have access to their favorite blog anywhere in the world.

VW Tuning Mag is one of the world’s leading blogs and complete Internet sources for owners and enthusiasts of VW tuning and modified cars. VW Tuning Mag keeps readers up-to-date on the latest developments in the VW tuning scene from across the world. They provide breaking news, feature reports and updates on VW performance, and styling upgrades and special events. Visit VW Tuning Mag’s online magazine on the web at

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