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Volume One of the Compelling 'Garden of Lost Souls' Series Fuses New Found Immortal Power with a City's Potentially Dangerous Cries for Help

Masterfully crafted Craig E. Hays, ‘The Grand Coward’ keeps readers on the edges of their seats as one man with near-immortal powers is asked to return and save the city that he was rapidly forced to leave. This tumultuous dilemma leaves Hays’ audience with plenty to think about in the real world.


Carleton, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/26/2014 -- While most authors use their first novel to simply test the literary waters, Craig E. Hays is proving that a debut release is also an opportunity to rival a genre’s bestsellers. Hays has stormed the scene with gusto, following years of diligently developing his ‘Garden of Lost Souls’ series.

Volume one, ‘The Grand Coward’ has already hit Amazon’s bestseller list once and is looking to be there again. It’s easy to see why; everyone dreams of having great powers, but protagonist Kravin makes it abundantly clear that it’s a responsibility few can handle.

Kravin had always feared that a situation would come up that would force his hand. Now the time had finally come for him to show his face in the world once again. Yet how could he do this when his very existence put those around him in danger?

How could he go back to the place he had left so long ago? How could he look into the eyes of those he held dear knowing the shame that he carried? Not only had he tried to protect them by leaving but he never told those most important to him that he was leaving or where he was going.

Kravin must face his own fears and deal with the things he had been avoiding for so long. how will he handle it and what will happen when he does?

“This is just the beginning of what is planned to be a rip-roaring and intricate story,” explains Hays. “Kravin finds himself as close to immortal as anyone can get, with powers that could destroy all he knows and loves in an instant. He’s asked to return to save the city he felt forced to leave, creating a gripping dilemma for readers.”

Continuing, “My over-riding goal is to fuse fact with fiction so that readers have an opportunity to explore themes that crossover into the real world. This introduction to the series is more than thought-provoking…let’s see where it goes from here!”

Readers have left overwhelmingly positive reviews. For example, Angella Jordan comments, “New author with an awesome imagination! Very descriptive and had me right in the story. Can't wait for Vol. 2 and beyond. Pick this one up!”

Camille Christine Smith adds, “Very good book!! It is a definite MUST read!!! I can’t wait for the rest to come out!!”

With the book’s popularity set to increase, interested readers are urged to purchase their copies as soon as possible.

‘The Grand Coward’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1z5XU0b

About Craig E. Hays
Craig E. Hays was born in Wyandotte Michigan in 1983. He was raised in the village of Carleton. After graduating from high school he began a career in automotive. In 2008 he began working on small aircraft jet engines. While training for this he acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Animation through Westwood College. His book “The Grand Coward” is his first attempt at writing a novel which he plans on later turning it into an animated movie or series. He currently lives in the Midwest.