Von Cotu Looks to Raise $7,000 via Kickstarter to Reveal the Secrets of Pyro Chemography, a Unique and Unknown Process of Art Creation

Pyro Chemography is a unique and yet unknown art creation process exploring the physical effects of fire and chemicals on film.


St. Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/07/2014 -- Pyro Chemography reveals a hidden truth that surrounds us on a daily basis, exposing patterns and textures that recur in everything when observed closely. These images represent the gigantic and minuscule aspects of the Universe, and Von Cotu feels privileged to merely show what is already there.

The outcome of every image is largely determined by the physical parameters such as temperature, chemical materials and film media used, while unexpected results keep it wonderfully unpredictable.

After some fun initial experiments in 2002, Von developed the pyro chemographic art creation process by combining the physics of painting with fire and various chemicals on photographic film and other media. The images are created without a camera and enlarged to reveal the fascinating details of organically chemical beauty.

The size of the original source media ranges from standard 35mm to 4"x5" photographic film to 8"x10" electrostatic film. In some cases multiple layers of film are used to create an image. To fully appreciate the astounding details of pyro chemography, the film is scanned at very high resolution and reproduced with archival inks on museum quality paper or on c-prints.

Adequate funding via Kickstarter will help Von to
Continue pushing the boundaries of Pyro Chemography...
Create new works for his upcoming series "Pyro Chemography Revealed"...
Purchase necessary equipment, materials and supplies...
Fulfill the Kickstarter rewards

This project will only be funded if at least $7,000 is pledged by Mon, Apr 28 2014 3:17 AM +05:30.

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