VonRG Offers Top Quality Artwork from Professional Artists at Reasonable Prices


Hainrode, Sudharz -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/02/2012 -- VonRG, the leader in photo to painting services in the world, from professional artists at reasonable prices. All the artworks are created by hand by experienced, academic and professional portrait using top quality paints and materials. The portrait painters can combine several paintings into 1 portrait painting. The artworks are painted by real painting artists and they are not computer generated. The portrait painters can handle creation of beautiful pet portraits, family portraits, self-portraits and much more.

If anyone is looking to get a portrait painting from a photo, VonRG is among the top portrait to paintings provider across the world. Customers are required to provide the artist of VonRG, a photograph, which they want to be transformed into a portrait. After receiving photograph from the customer, they confirm the high resolution and clarity of the photograph so that their artists can see and visualize the details of image very well. If they find it blur they call customers to upload another photo in its replacement or refund customer's initial payment.

Their portrait painters after the validation of photograph paint the portrait and tune it. After they are finished with the portrait, they measure all parameters and standards to get best quality painted picture. If they find any errors in the portrait, they send it back for modification or for complete repainting of the photo. When their painting is successfully reviewed by their experts, they upload the painting to get the customer's reviews, feedback and suggestions for any modification required from the client's end. Their artists modify the painting as per the requirements of the customer and upload the photo again for the customer's reviews.

Their oil paintings are hand painted by real artist and every painting of VonRG is a unique painting. Their artist can paint the abstract oil painting in any size, color and style, as desired by the client and the whole painting process takes 7-8 days to be completed. If the customer wants their premium quality painting, then it takes around two weeks to be finished. The shipping of their state of the art oil painting and others is done with globally recognized DHL. They provide their services around the world with no shipping charges.

VonRG was established by Rene Grundmann for all those who want to give a realistic kind of effect to their abstract paintings. After years of dedicated and efficient service, they have gained the status of one of the leading photo to painting providers of the wide world. Their expert painters create a 100% handmade work of art for client's loved ones. They paint all kind of art from old artists up to modern artist. One can check their gallery on the site to view the variety of art and other services. To learn more visit http://www.kunst-oelgemaelde.de/