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Voucher Monsters Undergoes Remodel to Offer Only the Best Coupons on Streamlined New Site

Voucher Monsters has redesigned not only its website, but its company philosophy, streamlining its coupons to offer only the best available on a new and more intuitive website.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/28/2014 -- When money is tight, coupon codes can make all the difference, saving individuals a little bit of money here and there that can add up to a lot by the end of the month. Companies also benefit from coupon codes by encouraging new users to take a try their products or even choose them over competitors, ensuring everybody wins. Voucher Monsters is a site that specializes in syndicating the best coupons on the web to its users, and has undertaken a comprehensive website redesign that has changed not only its appearance, but its approach.

Voucher Monsters has undertaken a complete redesign of its website, with prominent branding and a simple intuitive design. The site (click here) lists coupons by category and uses a handy visual system to denote when the coupon was published, whether it is still active and what company it is for, making it faster and easier than ever to identify great deals.

That’s not all however, as the cleaner design also looks delightfully spares consumers from searching through thousands of offers because there are only a select few, specially selected bargains listed on the site. Unlike the previous incarnation, this version publishes only the biggest and best money saving offers.

A spokesperson for Voucher Monsters explained, “We redefined our business practices because we understood that by posting every coupon we could find, we were actually making it more difficult for our visitors to identify the best coupons- often companies will release several money saving offers at once where only one offers real value for money. Now, we carefully analyze the coupon codes we discover and play them off against similar offerings on the same brands, publishing only the one that delivers the biggest bang for the buck. It’s a system we hope will make it easier and faster than ever to find great deals.”

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Voucher Monsters offers coupons and promo codes for online shoppers. With a no-clutter philosophy, Voucher Monsters stands to be one of the easiest sites to use in the coupon industry, and guarantees coupons are published with clear information on their expiry, terms and conditions so they can be quickly redeemed by consumers. For more information please visit: